What is Double Glazing

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘what is double glazing’? You’ve heard the term, but what is it? In very simple terms double glazing is the addition of a separate pane of glass to an existing pane with a certain amount of space between them. However there is bit more science that goes into it. In this article we’ll explain ‘what is double glazing’ using simple terms. If you look at the images. You’ll see besides the glass that there are a few more components such as the Desiccant, Space and Seal.

The Desiccant

A desiccant is a substance that will soak up air water vapour. The function of the desiccant is to absorb moisture that permeates through the seal, absorb any off-gassed organics without causing deflection and adsorb the moisture included during manufacture of insulating glass units. This helps with insulation.

The Space

The amount of space between the panes contributes to the sound and energy efficiency. The larger the gap the more reduction is sound. Note that large gaps allow convection to occur between the panes and as a result reduce insulating performance. As you can see where the gap is concerned there is a trade off between insulation and noise depending on the size of the space. When choosing your double glazing talk to us and let us know your requirements for the optimal performance.

The Seal

The Seal completely seals the glass. It acts as an insulator, limiting the heat that escapes through the windows during the winters and cold air during the summer. Filling this space with gas will increase thermal and acoustic performance. The most popular gas used is argon which has low conductivity properties to improve insulation. If this is something you want be sure to mention it to us.

Double Glazing Benefits

We know we don’t need to sell the benefits of double glazing however as you know already it’s the ultimate choice when it comes to energy efficiency and sound reduction. Your comfort should not be affected by the outside temperature. With double glazing the outside temperature is not easily transferred inside because of the insulation. The same applies to the inside temperature not escaping easily. Double glazing also reduces the incidence of condensation build up which in turn discourages the growth of moulds in the home. This provides well documented health benefits.

Double glazed glass helps with reducing sound from between medium to high frequencies. The difference in the thickness of the glass, as well as the space in between the panes, determines the effectiveness of sound reduction.

An additional benefit of double glazed glass is greater security. Being double, it is harder to break. Customers can also specifically ask for laminated or toughened glass to be installed on their double glazed windows. This will increase security.

We hope we’ve answered any questions on ‘What is Double Glazing’. If you’d like further information or would like one of our Prestige Plus specialists to come and give your site or home a visit contact us and book your appointment.

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