Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows, have been popular for years now and have become especially popular in Australia recently. Tilt and turn windows provide an excellent form of weatherproofing, which is just one of the reasons our customers often choose precisely these windows for their homes. The Tilt and Turn system encompasses 3 window types in one: fixed window, in-swing window and hopper window. Advanced European hardware made sure that when the handle is placed in the downward position the window is both locked and is actually a fixed window. To swing the window inward, you’ll have to turn the handle 90-degrees further from the fixed position. When the handle is in the 180-degree position or upward, the window then tilts open. There are many benefits to the tilt and turn windows which make it both simple and exciting.

Double Opening Windows

The transom opening (Tilt) is an efficient solution for homes or offices that need to be ventilated without letting the wind to enter the space directly. If the handle is turned downward the window will be closed. In order to allow lateral opening, turn the handle 90 degrees counterclockwise. For putting the window in transom opening, turn the handle for another 90 degrees so that it’s facing the ceiling.


Lateral Opening (Turn)

If you keep your window in the lateral opening, you’ll be able to let fresh air into the room, allowing the heat to go outside without obstructions. You can open it a little to cool down the room slightly, or open it all the way and ventilate the room quickly. When you wish to lock the window, close the sash completely and move the handle downwards, so it’s facing the floor, in order to put the window into the locked position.

  • It is opened by moving the handle from Position 1 to Position 2.
  • After closing the sash completely the handle is moved to Position 1 to lock the window.

NOTE: The handle should never be moved to Position 3 while the sash is open.

Transom Opening (Tilting)

With transom opening, you can get fresh air inside the room, just enough so that the room isn’t stifling. The heat can go easily through the top opening, while all the fresh air you need will freely enter the room through the side openings. Tilt the sash open by moving the handle from downward position to the right by 180 degrees, so that the handle is facing the ceiling. After closing the sash completely, turn the handle 180 degrees downward clockwise, if you want to lock the window.

  • Tilt the sash open by moving the handle from Position 1 to Position 3.
  • After closing the sash completely, the handle is moved to Position 1 to lock the window.

Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Window System

  • Ventilation

As previously mentioned, tilt and turn windows offer various types of ventilation. Thanks to the tilt function you’ll get the perfect top ventilation, which will ensure that hot air escapes the room in a blink of an eye. You’ll never have to worry about strong breeze cooling the room too much, but you’ll be able to control how much air enters the room. With the turn function, on the other hand, you can get all the ample airflow and movement whenever you need maximum ventilation.

  • Easy To Clean

If window cleaning has always been the most daunting of all chores, with tilt and turn windows it will become the easiest chore ever. You don’t have to worry about leaving your windows smudgy because you’ll have easy access to all the corners. No need to leave the inside of your home, all you need to do is place the window in the turn position, and start cleaning. No extra effort will be required considering you won’t need a ladder or any other equipment. You’ll be able to reach every single corner without fuss. Thanks to Prestige Plus’s windows, just with the simple turn of a handle a previously daunting chore becomes a piece of cake.

  • Better Air Seals

One of the reasons why tilt and turn windows from Prestige Plus are top-rated in Australia is their performance. Thanks to better air seals our windows have a tighter seal, which in turn creates an air-tight window, making our windows superior to its competition. Through traditionally, sliding, single hung, and double-hung windows the air and water are more likely to leak at some point because they do not have quality enough air seals. Our tilt and turn windows create an air-tight high-performance product thanks to 2-4 air seals that every window has.

  • More Secure

If you want to make your home more secure, our tilt and turn windows are certainly going to be the right choice. Having in mind the fact that tilt and turn window requires more robust internal hardware in order to be opened and that it features multiple locking points, you’ll be safe and sound from any intruders. Thanks to the in-swing hinges the window is impossible to be forced/pulled open from the outside, which will offer you all the security from burglars. Even when the window is in the tilt position no one will be able to enter the residence from the outside but you will be able to get all the necessary ventilation.

  • Aesthetics

Prestige Plus offers a range of custom-made uPVC windows, which is another reason to choose our services. No matter which combinations of handles, colours, glazing, and frame choices you opt for, we can deliver it and make your home look flawless. When it comes to colours, you can order windows which can be custom laminated in an array of hues. If maybe you want the outside of the window to be one colour and the inside a completely another shade, we can do it. Choose your favourite handle from a plethora of styles, shapes, and colours Prestige Plus windows and doors has to offer. We’ll make sure that the windows you buy create a unique yet modern high-end look for your home. Thanks to a variety of glazing options we offer, you won’t have to worry about your privacy being invaded. Natural light will illuminate the indoors without allowing anyone from the outside to look into your home.

  • Larger Window Sizes

Prestige Plus will offer you a range of window sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect window for your home more easily. All operable window sizes we offer are available up to 3m². With large expanses of glass, our double and triple glazing panes will still offer ideal temperatures in your homes and office making your indoors comfortable year-round.

Please be aware that this opening type requires space for lateral opening and the indoor shutters may hinder the full opening of the windows.

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