Modern uPVC Doors creates the perfect atmosphere

The advantage of a modern uPVC door is its mechanism of opening in different ways. For example, opening the door upwards allows ventilation, while the glazing, which takes over 50% of the entire structure, allows light to penetrate in throughout the day. This is very practical in both offices and country houses.

When you purchase our PVC door, you not only make a favourable choice, but you also receive the best quality service and a worry-free future!

Functional design

New uPVC doors are aimed at providing the best comfort in the room, reliable protection and excellent lighting. Due to the variety of configurations, designs, uPVC plastic doors can be matched to any room, with or without a terrace. In addition, in some types you can get all the benefits of a window, and in some types you can save space significantly. The uPVC glass doors are manufactured from safe raw materials and undergo quality control at every stage of production.

Elegant and reliable

Any types of uPVC doors have a stylish and elegant appearance. They fit in perfectly in any design, as they are constructed according to the latest trends. The operating mechanisms allow you to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere indoors 24 hours a day.

Advantages of uPVC doors for sale

Variety of configurations

You can choose your variant of doors in an office, in a cottage with a terrace or in a flat

Thermal insulation

Designed to insulate and retain heat during cold periods


uPVC doors design has an impeccable appearance


Plastic doors are a godsend in noisy neighborhoods

Robust and durable

Perfect fixings, quality installation, durable glazing and airtight doors will provide perfect service in the long term

Unique size range

Possibility to manufacture uPVC doors sizes in non-standard forms according to individual project

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Colour options

Coloured uPVC doors can be a good decoration besides their functionality. The most popular colours are shown on the website, but if you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your interior, we can find a good and durable covering in any colour from the RAL palette.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Anthracite Grey

Ash Black

Glazing options

A variety of glazing options are available to meet your requirements. Energy-saving glass for heat conservation and saving on heating costs, impact-resistant glass for increased protection, magnetron-plated glass for excellent noise insulation, float glass for effective lighting and multifunctional glass that combines all of these features. We use the highest-quality Viridianglass in the best uPVC doors, developed using the most innovative technology and meeting the highest quality standards.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Soundproofing Soundproofing


Safety Safety


The energy efficiency of glazing is an important characteristic, as it is the quality that is responsible for indoor comfort. Warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer is provided by high quality glazing, which is able to retain heat, minimize the penetration of drafts, sunlight, condensation, when the thermal insulation remains at a high level for a long time. Viridian glass solves the problem of energy saving in any season. In any weather your house will be filled with a comfortable atmosphere. Viridian glass is made with the latest technology, which makes living in windy, arid or rainy region coziness.
One of the key factors in choosing quality glazing is noise reduction. Is it worth describing the benefits of quality soundproofing when a room in a noisy region is always dominated by silence and tranquility. Noise neutralization is ensured by thick glass and multi-layer magnetron coating; and high-tech equipment ensures precision manufacturing. Viridian glass is the latest word in high quality glazing, and if you want noise to stay outside your apartment, make the right choice for noise neutralization.
Windows should perform, among other things, a protective function, because the comfort of living directly depends on the feeling of safety. Protection glass, namely Impact-resistant glazing uses tempered, laminated security glass, with a vinyl reinforcing film. These components make the glazing strong, resistant to mechanical impacts and durable. Such security glazing provides a high level of protection against intrusion and burglary. By installing glazing with Viridian protection glass, you will feel completely safe at all times.


A range of uPVC doors styles with different operating mechanisms are available:

  • Sliding plastic doors
  • Tilt and slide constructions
  • Multi casement replacement uPVC doors
  • Semi casement door configurations
  • Folding custom uPVC doors
  • Standard frame
  • Arched frame

UPVC doors manufacturer equips each product with high quality fittings and elastic seals, which provide a multi-level sealing system, leaving no chance for the slightest draught to enter and no chance for condensation to form.

UPVC plastic doors price calculator

You can calculate the price in our online calculator, specifying the required dimensions and additional options, after which you can send us a finished uPVC doors cost calculation and the configuration you need for further order.

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This is a very scrupulous process because in addition to the necessary tools, it requires professional materials and of course experience. Dismantling the old doors, if you have such, is also a step by step complex process, the accuracy of which also determines the correctness and problem-free uPVC doors installation. The next step is to prepare the opening. Here it is necessary to free it from all parts of the old construction. There are nuances everywhere and a professional knows about it, but a beginner does not. Trust the professionals!

Suggestions for choosing

When buying plastic doors in Australia, you have to pay attention to many details that you may not know. Plastic doors are first and foremost about protecting against all kinds of intrusion, including drafts. In order to avoid such problems, look at which seal will provide an air-tightness. How it is attached to the door contour. Look at the number of chambers, as this will affect the thermal and noise insulation performance. Consult the most suitable uPVC doors security configuration. Most importantly, choose a reliable manufacturer!

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