Colonial double-glazed windows, classic authenticity

Colonial style is an exoticism of styles which arose through maritime expeditions, the merging of two cultures, the discovery and exploration of new uncharted lands. The result was a fusion of two disparate civilisations. The expanding maritime countries of Britain, Spain, Holland and other countries introduced their own styles to uncharted territories and the indigenous population, In turn, brought their methods of construction and interesting features of the interior design to European countries. In Latin “colonus” means colon or ancient Roman settler. The founding century for the formation of the colonial style is the 17th century.

If we look at the history of window design, we can see that it was the colonial windows that were and are the crowning glory of sophistication due to their shapes and sizes. The authenticity of these windows allows any design project to bring that uniqueness and spontaneity, which is necessary to create an all-time interior, no matter what trends are popular at one time or another. In other words, colonial windows are not subject to time, fashion trends and architectural trends. They always look unbeatable. Colonial windows in themselves are a worthy decoration of a building’s facade.

Awning windows

Colonial style accents

The colonial style is very similar to eclecticism; if eclecticism was aimed at a harmonious combination of different ethnic styles, then the colonial style is a traditional European interior, in which a slight touch of exoticism in the form of ethnic elements is introduced. It is as if they were brought back home by the colonisers themselves after a long journey. Colonial style will emphasise your passion for travel or your desire to dilute the boredom of European interiors.

Colonial style double glazed windows often have a colonial feel, laminated in dark exotic wood or even green bamboo, if other interior elements echo this. Alternatively they can be quite neutral, with solid curtains and lambrequins.

This design trend is unique; it is the result of a fusion of eastern and western traditions. Colonial interiors combine prim and simple with childlike spontaneity and energy.

Subtle colours are often paired with simple African patterns and delicate carvings with rough furnishings. So if you want to decorate your window with curtains or blinds, or make a stained glass window, consider ethnic designs that will bring elements of everyday life and uniqueness of overseas tribes.

In recent years, there have been a number of designers who have been enthusiastic about creating this kind of decor.

Colonial window shapes and sizes

As a rule, windows in this style are made in medium to large sizes. Due to this, the glass can be divided by frames, which is often practiced in cottages and country houses. This design solution of double glazed window design allows you to bring to the exterior a touch of aristocracy, which is inherent in country estates, arched and semicircular shapes make it more gracious and smooth, adding softness if the building is too angular. Moorish systems are often installed, they are shaped like a horseshoe. The semi-circular models are popular and the lancet configurations are original, however they are ordered less often than others, they are appropriate for the construction of religious buildings – temples, cathedrals. Arched designs are popular.

Double glazed window in the form of an arch may be with blank sashes and opening sashes. There should not be any movable elements where the curvature is located. The same design is used for doors, arched elements are decorative and have no practical function.

For darker rooms, it is best to choose windows with few profiles, as they let in more light. The arched designs may contain auxiliary profiles, which can be applied or embedded. Split glass looks aesthetically pleasing and modern. In some cases, stained glass is used instead of plain glass.

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The main characteristics of the colonial style

Certain characteristics of this design style are difficult to define.

The reason is that people who travelled to different continents, brought from these trips radically different items of decoration, differed in variety and their views on life.

The main value of the colonial style is its diversity, it is flexible and can be adapted to different traditions. It adapts easily to everything new, but we can still pick out a few characteristics of colonial design.

One is the size requirement; the room must be large, which is why it is often used in country houses. In ordinary flats, colonial decor is a rarity, as it requires space.

There is another important feature – the use of natural materials in the finish. In the case of uPVC double glazed windows, this issue is easily resolved, thanks to plastic’s ability to mimic any natural wood grain effect.

Colours, light and lighting

This style is characterised by the use of natural colours as was mentioned before. White, cream & Ash-black – these are usually the basic shades in the interior. 

Catchy and bright shades are a rarity in this design. Only accessories can be bright; with their help, accents are placed, and attention is drawn to certain details. So window profile must be of simple, classic colours; our beautiful palette of shades to choose from is visible on our website.

Lighting is important in interiors decorated in colonial style. For stylisation choose rooms with large window openings, they allow plenty of light to enter the room. If the room dimensions allow, the window openings can also be enlarged. Due to the abundance of natural light rooms seem more spacious. The natural light should be supplemented with a large number of lamps on different levels.

A large chandelier can accentuate the European trend of the decor. Stylish sconces are used as ethnic elements.

The above tips will help bring that authenticity and euphoniousness to your interior that the most aristocratic furnishings can possess, along with the highest quality colonial-style windows can be manufactured by Prestige Plus.

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