Sliding windows - look to the future!

Choose simplicity and broaden your horizons with infinite adaptability. By contacting our company, you do not just buy high quality sliding windows for bedroom or another part of your chamber, but also get the highest quality service and at the same time a carefree future. Modern Sliding window models ensure your security, the beauty of your ambiance and the comfort of your climate. You will see that quality does not deteriorate over time, and so do aesthetic qualities. Remarkable features of plastic sliding windows also offer ease and versatility of use.

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Glazing any window openings

Our company produces double glazed sliding windows of universal models. This means that the size range is not limited to standards. We offer more complex configurations to the owners of cottages and private houses: big and small sliding windows, horizontal, long ones, etc. This is a demanded sliding window system is a modern solution for glazing large openings. Unique sliding window style is harmoniously complemented by special constructions and the room becomes organically, ergonomically and soundproofed. You will enjoy the feeling of security, comfort and aesthetics.

Stylish and functional sliding windows are a worthy solution for any room.

Sliding windows features

Keeping up with modern design trends

Sliding window systems compose a perfect composition with other elements of furnishings, they are beautiful both internal sliding windows and external ones

A wide model range of new sliding window

Unconventional solutions for complex projects and exceptional aesthetics in a variety of styles and sizes

Durable and resistant uPVC sliding windows

High-quality plastic profiles of first-class raw materials in combination with robust reinforcements and fittings ensure longevity of the windows

Ease of use

Smoothness and malleability of any types of sliding windows at every manipulation is ensured by high-quality fittings

Color schemes

You may choose a lamination in natural wood shades, or any other color from the palette for balcony sliding windows, sliding glass windows for office or other types of custom sliding windows


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Sliding windows color options

Color options are not limited to standard shades such as white or brown. We offer lamination in various wood textures and hues, as well as a wide range of other colors.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Ash Black

Glassing options

We offer energy-saving, sound-proof and shock-proof sliding windows, with various protection levels. We use high quality Viridinglass, developed using the most innovative technology to meet the highest international quality standards.

Configurations of sliding windows in Australia

We offer:

  • Fabrication of constructions for non-standard and standard openings;
  • Sliding window systems with two or more casements;
  • Selection and production of individual sliding window sizes.

Please contact our company and we will select the best option for your project!

Sliding windows price calculator

For your convenience, we have a calculator on our website, where you can pre-calculate the price of your future sliding windows online by specifying all the required parameters and additional options.

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Sliding windows installation

Sliding windows are a unique design solution – not only for installation in standard window openings but also for interior installation as attractive room dividers to create convenient zoning. The installation must be carried out by professionals as it is a complex process and requires the utmost precision. Turning to our company, you are guaranteed to receive not only high quality modern sliding windows but also excellent service during installation and window fitting.

Recommendations for selection

When selecting sliding windows, pay attention not only to visible areas, such as the color of the plastic, which indicates the quality of the material, or the thickness of the window and the chambers inside the glazing unit, but also to details. Fittings, gaskets these are the elements that ensure ease of use, safety, noise insulation, leveling the penetration of drafts. The reputation of the company you are contacting is also important. This is largely determined by the service and warranty offered on its products, the best value for money. Make the right choice!

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