Sliding Windows

General Features Of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a good solution for both homes and commercial spaces with limited vertical height. If there is plenty of horizontal space, sliding windows will be a great option. Thanks to horizontal slide, your home or office will have a much more modern look unlike with the traditional windows. The sliding window sits on a single frame and you can slide it to the left, right or both directions. This feature will ensure easy maneuvering, and it’ll only require a minimum of two sashes to operate horizontally along their tracks.

Our sliding windows are some of the most popular options for residences all over Australia. They are very affordable, easy to clean and require very little maintenance. In addition, sliding windows are great for ventilation and are a huge space saver. You can choose timber, aluminium, and uPVC for your sliding windows, depending on the material you find most suitable for your home.

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Efficiency And Features

Sliding windows were designed to be easy to use but energy efficient as well. Thanks to their tight seal our sliding windows will offer you top-class insulation during colder months. Whether you choose single or double-glazed windows, you’ll be warm and cosy in your home during winter.

Prestige plus windows will offer you the best amount of ventilation, and considering they’re more than affordable, easy to clean, have virtually no maintenance, and don’t require a lot of space for opening and closing, there’s no reason for you to look for any other type of windows. Thanks to a classic design that lends itself to contemporary style homes, sliding windows from Prestige Plus are an ideal solution for small spaces struggling to get enough airflow.  If you opt for large 2-lite or 3-lite slider, you’ll get maximum light and an expansive view allowing more natural light to fill your home and make it perfectly fresh.

Benefits Of Sliding Window System

  • Easy To Use

Installing sliding windows will offer you the ability to open and close your windows with very little effort and dexterity. They are very light which will make sure they glide along the window frame without any trouble. Just after releasing a latch you’ll be able to slide the window open with minimum effort. One of the main functions of windows, aside from offering plenty of light, is to allow fresh air to fill the room and extract all the bad odour and humidity. Unless a window is easy to operate, you won’t use it as much, which will prevent you from putting the window to good use.  Fortunately, our sliding windows are very easy to operate, so you won’t have any trouble opening and closing it. Just make sure you maintain and operate it well and with care, and you won’t need much more than a finger to push it open. This also makes sliding windows especially convenient for hard-to-reach places.

  • Easy To Clean

Some of the best characteristics of a sliding window include a two and three lite sliding mechanism. Two lite sliding windows consider two independent sashes which you can easily move in either direction ensuring very easy cleaning. Three-lite sliding windows usually have three components. The first one being the main fixed sash in the centre, the other two sashes are positioned on either side of the centre sash. The two side sashes move independently of each other allowing you easy access whenever you need to make your windows squeaky clean.

  • Low Maintenance

Another advantage of sliding windows includes very low maintenance due to fewer moving parts that these types of windows have. That also makes the windows more energy-efficient and more affordable than other windows. With a proper installation that our team of well-trained experts will provide, you can expect sliders to last for many years without requiring any sort of fix or functionality improvement. You won’t have any trouble popping out the operable pane of glass when you need to clean it or when you decide to make room for a window air conditioner. To ensure truly effortless cleaning, some styles of sliders can even be tilted.

  • Unobstructed View

Unlike double-hung windows, sliding windows are much larger. A larger sliding window will be a much better choice for your home because your eyes take in more from side-to-side than up-and-down. Therefore, you’ll be able to have a much better view of the outdoors. What’s more, with a larger window you’ll get more natural light and better ventilation too. Feel free to explore our design options to find the perfect combination for your home.

  • Durable

Sliding windows will last a lot longer than your traditional windows. Typically, conventional windows have springs and pulleys which wear or fail over time. Slider windows, on the other hand, rely on a completely different system of functioning, which automatically makes them more durable. Thanks to window glazing that the majority of slider windows use, their durability is enhanced.

  • Energy Efficiency

Our sliding windows are either double-glazed or triple-glazed, which improves insulation and energy efficiency of your residence or office. In the long run, this will result in lower energy bills. Sliding windows are more efficient than some other types of windows due to reasons. First of all, they do not have a plethora of complicated moving parts which enables you to close the window tightly and firmly, effectively blocking the outside air infiltration. Secondly, the window panes include low-E coatings, insulating gas between the panes, and non-conductive spacers to prevent cold airflow during winter months. Thanks to those features your residence or business will be perfectly cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What Home Style Is Best Suited For Sliding Windows?

Our sliding windows are best suited for modern home styles. However, while they’ll look amazing on prairie, mid-century modern, art deco and Tudor homes, we can easily modify it to suit your home’s design no matter which that might be. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose hardware and grid from an array of choices to customize your sliding windows. Check out our photo gallery to pick the best sliding windows for your home or business.