The choice of glazing for uPVC windows

The right choice of glazing has a direct impact on how the windows will perform. Our windows can perform to achieve following functions:

  • Transmission of natural light;
  • Protection (barrier);
  • Sound insulation;
  • Heat insulation;
  • Air exchange;
  • Protection from harmful sunrays (Low-E Coating).

These are the basic functions of uPVC double glazed windows, which ensure the comfort of the home. Proper technical characteristics and physical properties of window components (glazing thickness, Low-e coating, accessory materials, etc.) help to create the right atmosphere in the room: in the office – conducive to efficient work, in the home and flat – cosy and relaxing environment. So what do you need to consider when choosing a window? Which components play a decisive role in the function of a double glazed window system? How important is it to have a special coating on the glazing? How to choose the correct thickness of glazing? We will try to answer these questions in this short overview.

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Glass dimensions and thickness: why is it important to pay attention to it?

The thickness of the glazing unit in uPVC windows is important for many reasons. The strength of the glazing unit, how well the window will be able to insulate noise and heat, and how much the construction will weigh depends on the thickness. The last point is important to take into account in the construction of the window opening.

The insulating glass unit is the main function of the window, as 80% of the construction surface is glass. It should be durable, energy-efficient and easy to operate.

Double glazing is generally more satisfactory in most window installations than single: it is a versatile option for both harsh and mild climates, for both noisy and quiet regions. There are two panes of glass in double glazing, by having two panes of glazing, with an additional air chamber created in the center of the two panels. The chambers are filled with insulating Argon Gas, increasing the thermal insulation even further. The gas not only retains heat better, it also prevents the windows from misting up if the temperature indoors and outdoors is very different.

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Why it is important to buy your windows from a company with its own production?

A window construction is full of complex elements that must not only be connected so that the window will serve as a reliable protection, but also to ensure the proper functioning of the window. Reinforcing the profile, framing the fittings, fixing the gaskets and the window itself which is given an innovative coating – all this can be done with professional equipment and skilful, experienced hands. High-quality assembly ensures that the window is long-lasting and serviceable. In addition, a company with its own production has not only high-precision equipment, but also a full staff, ranging from competent managers who can give good advice to professional installers, which is very important. Installing the double glazing for window is a complex process that directly affects the smooth operation of the construction, and if the installation is done unprofessionally, you may encounter problems with the operation of the window system. Therefore it is very important to choose the right company from the beginning.

Is there a difference between installing windows in flat, house or office?

Of course, there is no fundamental difference. In any case for all kinds of homes, it is better to choose double glazing because, it is versatile, durable, endowed with excellent noise insulation and heat saving characteristics. All your expectations of a cosy atmosphere will be fulfilled and your bills will no longer be inflated, no matter where you live.

Visit our showroom, where samples of window constructions, components (fittings, profile sections, etc.) and shades can be seen, and a knowledgeable consultant can answer all your questions. You can read all the necessary information on our website and be already knowledgeable in this matter. Remember that the choice of window affects how you feel at home, whether you can create a relaxing atmosphere. The same goes for the office. Any room should always have good air exchange, filled with useful natural light, be warm in winter and cool in summer. Quality windows can provide all this.

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