How to determine the energy efficiency of a window

Frequently asked questions 

  • What is an energy efficient double glazed window
  • What technical properties does an insulating glass unit have to offer? 
  • What are the benefits of energy efficient window and how not to make a wrong choice? 

Perhaps the last question occupies the minds of most buyers, because it is very easy to get into trouble: the range is very wide and the marketing tricks are too attractive, which is used by unscrupulous companies. The prices for a high-quality energy-efficient window are higher than for a conventional double-glazed window, but this is not the main decisive criterion.  So you should not only focus on the price to make a good choice. Being well-informed is your trump card.

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What is the difference between an energy efficient window and an ordinary window?

An energy-efficient window is an insulating glass unit with heat-saving properties. Such a window, unlike a conventional insulating glass unit, is capable of more rationally allocating energy (radiators, air conditioners) and natural resources (solar energy). Initially it should be noted that only with modern equipment and innovative developments is it possible to produce modern, energy-efficient windows. Therefore, when looking for the right product, pay attention to those companies that have their own production and the appropriate license to manufacture. In this way you are more likely to buy what you need and you are even more likely to get a long-term guarantee.

Why focus on manufacturing? 

This question can be answered by looking at some of the technical features of an energy-efficient window. First of all, let’s talk about the innovative Low-E coating, which is manufactured exclusively within the walls of a high-tech manufacturing facility. This is due to the need to use pyrolytic and magnetron processes to create quality protection with excellent solar control characteristics. It is unrealistic to apply such technologies in the absence of the necessary tooling. Therefore, if you come across offers from companies that cannot provide a manufacturing license, reject them boldly. 

Thus, the quality of the product is determined first and foremost by the availability of proper documentation. When you are in the showroom, you can check for yourself whether the double glazing is coated by looking at it from an angle and noticing the glare of bluish-purple shades.

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What does assembly have to do with the quality of an energy-efficient window?

Aside from the coating, the assembly factor is very important. If the assembly is of high quality, then the tightness of the insulating glass unit will be at a high level provided that high quality consumables – gaskets and sealants – are used. This has a direct impact on the ability of the energy efficient double glazed window to retain heat in the room. If the assembly leaves much to be desired, then there is a risk of leaks. This can occur for two reasons: the seals used are of poor quality, or a soldering method is used to fix the seals. The latter is not the case with factory-assembled quality as the gaskets are removable parts which can be replaced if necessary. 

The quality of assembly is decisive for the vitality of the windows and their proper functioning during the operational period. A complex process which includes armouring the profile, coating the glass, connecting the many components of the fittings and, of course, linking the glass panes to the frame is not just difficult, but impossible to realize without professional equipment and high qualifications. All the more so when it comes to an energy efficient window.

How to determine the window’s energy efficiency at home?

If you have changed your windows, you can easily check their quality. You need for that just two days. In the winter it’s easier because you don’t need to open them more often. Let the radiators run for a while and then turn them off. The heat radiated by them is evenly distributed in the room due to the repellent double glazed window surface and will stay there for several hours. If this is a normal window surface, without a thermal insulation coating, the heat will dissipate quickly and the radiators will need to be switched back on after just half an hour. If you have an energy efficient window, the heat will be circulated within the room through the radiant surface and will remain in the walls of the room for as long as possible. This will also have an impact on your budget as your heating bill will be noticeably lower.

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Does professional installation affect the functioning of an energy-efficient window?

Of course it does. Again, it is worth focusing on companies with their own production facilities. Such organizations usually provide a turnkey service, as they not only have high technology and modern equipment in their arsenal, but also qualified specialists and craftsmen for installation. The installation of an energy efficient window is also a complex process which requires careful preparation and subsequent careful installation and adjustment. 

So, based on the above, the following can be summarized:

  • Trust a licensed company with its own production
  • You can check the coating and tightness yourself (energy-efficient glass will have a coloured surface at a certain angle and the seal will be removable)
  • You can check the energy efficiency of the window at home (if you have already purchased a window but are not sure of the quality)
  • You should order your windows with subsequent installation and adjustment.
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