Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to traditional casement windows. The major difference between conventional and awning windows is that conventional ones, pivot on hinges mounted on the side, while awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top. The windows will offer you high aesthetics along with top-class functionality as they open out in a canopy type of fashion. One of the major features of awning windows is the opening process.

Namely, you’ll be able to open awning windows from the bottom after opening the port outside, pushing it in an outward fashion which will essentially turn it into an awning. This is accomplished by using a crank system. These types of windows will be great for installing above a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom as well as tall stairwells because of their bottom opening. They’re very easy to reach and they ensure that your privacy is maintained.Sydney Windows

Why Choose Awning Windows?

One of the primary advantages of an awning window is its capacity to provide full ventilation even during rainy weather. However, you should always consult the professionals and contact our team of experts when you decide to install windows to make sure you’ll be able to use them for years without complaints. Long years of experience in window installation are sure to make you feel confident about the people installing them to your property. That’s why you should feel free to contact our team of experienced window installers when adding an awning window in your home.

Regardless of their minor disadvantages including maintenance and somewhat limited placement option, awning windows are still very popular. So, if the look of your house can welcome awning windows and you’re satisfied with the price you’ll need to pay for them, then wait no more to contact us and have your awning windows ready within just a few days.

Popular Uses For Awning Windows In Homes

You can use awning windows either as standalone windows or as a part of window installation. Nowadays, awning windows come in various sizes, which makes them perfect as standalone windows. Awning windows are a great solution for homes and offices that need more ventilation but will still like to maintain their privacy. You can have small awning windows installed high on a wall, which will offer you plenty of ventilation without invading your privacy from the outside. If you need a new window for the kitchen, awning windows are an excellent choice since they can be opened with a hand crank for quick venting. To increase natural lighting and ventilation, install awning windows above doors, fixed windows, or as bay windows

Benefits Of Awning Window Systems

  • Good Ventilation

One of the major benefits of awning windows is that they will offer you excellent ventilation. Considering you can place them very high up on the wall, all the warm air which always rises up will be extracted through the window allowing only fresh air to come inside. When placed high, awning windows can also offer much more natural light without compromising your privacy. High placement also offers more wall space for various design aspects such as art and furniture placement.

  • Weather-Tight Construction

If you live in a damp climate awning windows will be a great choice for your home. They will efficiently protect your home against moisture, even if you leave them open during a rainstorm. Their construction allows for nearly 100 per cent of viable ventilation, without risking water seeping inside your home. With awning windows. you won’t have to worry about air passing through when closed, because they have a superior seal.

  • An Attractive, Contemporary Look

Awning windows from Prestige Plus use friction hinges at either end of the top edge. The bottom edge of the awning window then swings open, creating a fresh, contemporary look to your home or office. The fact that awning windows can be installed in place of other window frames, and used together with different window styles like casements, bay or bow, gliding, double-hung, picture windows and other specialty designs, makes them more versatile and convenient for homes and businesses. Do you need a small window above the counter? Awning windows are the perfect pick. If you need more light and ventilation in the bathroom, place awning window above the sink and solve two problems with one window. Don’t worry about opening issues, because you’ll reach out to open the window very easily due to their bottom opening. The fact that they are easy to open makes them ideal for those locations where you have to stretch out.

  • Security

If you want to make your home more secure, our awning windows are certainly going to be the right choice. Thanks to the seal and the size of awning windows, anyone who even thinks about breaking into your home, won’t stand a chance. These windows are not easy to break, so if you want to secure your home, feel free to look browse through our gallery and choose some of the wonderful awning windows from our rich window selection.

  • Cost-Effective

The cost of awning windows depends on the material, size, and manufacturer, but they will certainly cost less because they are usually smaller than your conventional windows. Costs tend to vary based on these and other factors, so feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote. Keep in mind that steel and wood are the least affordable materials for awning windows, while aluminium, cellular PVC, composite, fibreglass, and vinyl are the most affordable.

  • Easy Cleaning

Awning windows are very easy to clean because the tight seal on the window opens outward. Therefore, you’ll have no trouble cleaning the sill and inner frame of the window either. What’s more, this feature prevents any dirty water/rainwater from entering your home.


Additional Note

Make sure you operate awning windows as instructed by the installer so that you can use them without trouble. Incorrect operation of an awning window can lead to decreased functionality. Therefore, don’t over-torque or over-tighten the crank when closing the window. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging the sash and loosening the crank.