Sliding Doors

Very simple to operate and with an impeccable design, sliding doors are considered to be among the safest external use door for going out on a balcony, in a garden or patio. When it comes to construction, quality workmanship of Prestige Plus ensures that your sliding door withstands a heavy heat or any extreme weather conditions.

If you’re planning to remodel your home and bring some freshness into the new interior, internal sliding doors from Prestige Plus will be a perfect addition to your design. Sliding doors are a wonderful way of letting in ventilation and fresh air while enjoying plenty of natural light. Sliding doors will also seamlessly connect indoors and outdoors.

Prestige Plus’s sliding doors can fully satisfy your home’s needs if you’re searching for simple and elegant solutions to optimise space in your home. If you invest in our sliding doors, you’re investing in a high-quality and reliable product which will serve you for years. Thanks to the attention that was dedicated to details and finishes Prestige Plus doors will fit in virtually any décor, always making a refined and elegant final touch that can easily be personalised at any given moment.

Sliding Patio Doors

Are you looking for new and beautiful sliding patio doors? Then you’re in the right place because our external sliding doors are the best choice because they are easy to open and they will offer more soundproofing and comfort to your home. Keeping the outdoor heat and cold from radiating inside is a wonderful benefit that you’ll reap from our internal sliding doors. Sliding doors at Prestige Plus are manufactured in Sydney and will be professionally installed by our highly experienced team of experts providing you with a warranty as well. If you’re looking for high-performance external sliding doors, Prestige Plus external sliding doors offer a smooth, sleek visual finish and top-quality performance.

Our sliding doors are made according to the highest Australian Standards, and meet all the air conditioning requirements, as well as wind standards. Thanks to their top-quality, our sliding doors are water-resistant, meaning that they can withstand the harshest Australian weather. Choose from a large variety of sliding door combinations and feel free to contact us if you want us to provide you with a quote or any necessary guidance.

  • Feel Like You’re Outdoors Even When You’re Inside

Your interior sliding door should allow as much natural light as possible, which is exactly one of the many benefits of sliding doors. They are practically a movable glass wall, which offers a wonderful view at your patio or garden area, eliminating all the divide between indoors and outdoors.  

  • Style Your External Sliding Doors Anyway You Like

One of the great advantages of interior sliding doors is that you can select how they are arranged depending on the weather. Open them fully on beautiful warm summer evenings and offer your home maximum ventilation. Break the barriers between your garden and the living room and create a unique open area

  • Features Of Sliding Doors

The basic mechanisms of a sliding door rely on a set of horizontal rails allow the door to slide over a panel. The rails are located on the top, balancing the entire weight of the door. That’s why most of the sliding doors have a guide structure at the bottom which stops the door from swinging creating a perfect balance of the weight from top to bottom. If you choose our high-quality slide door, we also provide you with stoppers at either end so you won’t have to worry about your door sliding off.

  • Types Of Sliding Doors

Usually, you’ll be able to find only two kinds of sliding doors. The single sliding door and the double sliding door which differ in one primary factor. Single door’s panel cannot open on both sides, but only on one side and in one direction. The double door, on the other hand, will open in both sides/directions. If you are looking for sliding doors for the inside of the house the pocket door could be a good option. In the pocket door option, the panel is concealed in a recess in the wall, making it perfectly hidden from the line of sight when opened.

Advantages Of Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors have more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the greatest benefits include top safety and security, along with wonderful unobstructed views, very low maintenance, weather efficient (allowing your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter). Another one of the fabulous benefits of our internal sliding doors is the possibility to glaze them in such a way that you can almost totally cut out the UV rays entering your house. Our sliding doors can also be customised to your preference. If you’d like a bit edgier look, you can even opt for a ‘magnum’ option which gives you 4 panels in either direction, covering almost 12 meters.

When it comes to disadvantages, sliding doors have very few of them. Because of their design, they are prone to dislodging from the rails and tracks when the panel slides are filled with dirt. That’s why they should stay clear of dirt constantly, so the movement of the doors isn’t obstructed.

  • Safety Is Not Compromised With These Beautiful Sliding Doors

Aside from ensuring your home is filled with lots of light, air and protected from UV rays, it is also imperative to make sure the external sliding doors have a sufficient locking system. This is the reason why each panel of our doors has an individual lock. This will allow you to safely lock and secure your external sliding doors in place. At Prestige Plus we offer a large range of aluminium glazing products that will keep you safe and secure all year round.

Want To Know More About Installing Sliding Doors?

When it comes to manufacturing doors, we are constantly ahead in terms of design, technology, and quality. As a result, Prestige Plus makes the highest-quality doors on Sydney door market. Get in touch with us at Prestige Plus for more detailed information on how sliding doors can transform your latest home project. We’ll gladly offer you any assistance and advice.