Advantages and disadvantages of double glazed windows

Why should you get double glazed windows?

Double glazing is the best option in all cases and in all respects. Firstly, the advantage of double glazed window is that it has a pleasant price. In the window construction market we are used to seeing all sorts of different pricing policies. From too cheap price, to the too high one. There are different window designs, including double glazed window designs. But in this case, the client always knows what he pays for. Secondly, double glazing is common in many configurations and can easily and successfully fit into any interior, being a godsend where the climate is very changeable. This article will help to clarify what and how many advantages double glazed windows have, what room they will fit in, is it worth decorating the window if it is double glazed and many other questions will be answered here. If you are hesitating whether to buy double glazed windows or to purchase some other glazing variant, try to find the answer what are the pros and cons of double glazed windows, this information will help you to decide.


Double glazing is one of the most widespread types of glazing, because its configuration is very practical, convenient in installation, in operation, and the structure as well as its elements are resistant to the influence of time and mechanical load. The glazing unit, before it is mounted in the profile, looks like a glass block whose shape reminds us of a parallelepiped. The width and height of the insulating glass unit is greater than its thickness. But as mentioned above, there are different configurations and often more complex shapes. Double glazing is called double glazing not because it has two panes but because it has two chambers. There are three panes of glass in such a construction. Visually, you can distinguish the two panes, but the third one is inside and is not noticeable at first glance as well as any disadvantage of double glazed window. If you don’t know about the construction and don’t read the introductory information before buying, the construction is perceived as a monolith of glass built into the profile and into the window unit respectively. Up close, you can see that there is glass in the front and back of the structure, a spacer frame all around the inside and a sealant all around the outside (at the ends, top and bottom). So the benefit of double glazed window is its neatness of execution.

The construction that we see in the ready-made frame is a window sash in which the profile, panes, part of the fittings, the part of the spacer which faces inside (a strip with small perforations, the so-called diffusion holes) are visible. The sealant is a very important element of the window and the main part of the spacer frame are hidden from view. That is, most of the elements of the glazing unit are not visible to us initially. Thus, a double-glazed window consists of:

  • Panes: there are 3 of them;
  • chambers (glazing units) with air or gas filling: 2 elements;
  • spacer frames (separating frames): 2 ones;
  • dryer;
  • internal (primary) sealant;
  • External (secondary) sealant.

What are the advantages of double glazed windows?

The advantages of double glazing become evident as soon as the customer is able to appreciate the ease of use, air-tightness, and functionality. By functionality we usually mean something that resembles a constructor. But it is the benefits that create something which is invisible, but well felt. It is warmth in the cold season, it is not blowing, even if the wind feels like a hurricane, it is comfortable in the heat of the year, simplicity in maintaining. It is also the soundproofing that keeps the sound from the outside in, and prevents it from spreading. Thus, your flat, office, country house, no matter how spectacular and modern it may be, this environment loses all meaning if all aesthetics is just pleasing to the eye but does not bring comfort. It is like a finishing motif, and sometimes a tone-setting element. Why can a simple window set the tone for an entire interior and exterior? It’s simple, double glazing is a modern construction that follows fashionable design trends. It can be available in a variety of colours coated or laminated to your choice as well as design features. Depending on the requirements, it can be sliding, folding, hinged or French windows, colonial style windows and other. The worthy producer is able to make not just a window, but a work of art. And the advantage of double glazing, compared to a construction with many more elements, is also the speed of production.

How long do double glazed windows last?

You can judge the longevity of double glazed windows by who makes them. How conscientious the company is. In general, if the windows are made in a factory, not in a garage, if there is high-tech equipment, first-class raw materials, quality components, experienced craftsmen involved in the process, then you do not have to worry about longevity. But there is a point worth taking into account. It is the installation. If you decide to do the installation yourself, not being an experienced professional in such cases, and relying on video instructions, you can be sure that the window will soon begin to show defects and you will find many disadvantages of double glazed window, not in construction itself but in using it. The tightness may be broken somewhere, condensation or mould may form as well, and so on. Therefore, the first is when you buy the windows from a reliable company, the second is when the windows are installed by reliable guys, with professional experience and an arsenal of suitable tools, then you can be sure of longevity. In addition, reliable companies extend a long-lasting warranty on their products and accompanying services.

Do I need curtains with double glazed windows?

 Double glazing is more of a functional element. It can be part of the decor in a matching colour scheme, or an unusual configuration such as a colonial style window. In other variants, it is a modern addition and a finishing touch to the design, which in turn should also be complemented. A beautiful element would be a curtain. Baldachins and other kinds of heavy curtains are no longer necessary to decorate the window opening. Double glazed window itself looks aesthetically pleasing and does not need to be excessively curtained. A curtain from a light fabric, for example, satin or silk, organza, brocade netting, by the way or any light tulle, which is easily and unobtrusively, but at the same time, spectacularly will supplement the beauty of the window opening and the glazing. So when asked if you want to cover the double-glazed windows with anything, the answer is yes. This will create an additional, refined cosiness and will add a touch of elegance and light effect.

Does double glazing windows increase property value?

Imagine the situation: You are faced with the task of buying or renting a room for a dwelling or for an office. There are two options to choose from: empty window openings and openings with quality double glazing. Which one do you prefer? Think the answer is clear without any further thought. A room for any purpose loses its value with gaping holes instead of windows. It is a part of renovation, quality decoration, and if it is already present in the premises you intend to rent or buy, it is easier for you because there is less work to be done later. Of course, the value of a room with double glazing already built in is twice as valuable. All the more so when it is a quality window from a reliable manufacturer.

Does double glazing keep noise out?

All the benefits of the double glazed window are lost if it is not equipped with good noise insulation. What provides this factor? The void between the panes, the so-called chambers. But it is not quite a void; it is a space filled with gas or air. The first variant has a clear advantage over the air chamber, therefore the value is higher. Accordingly the cost will also be higher. But it is quality, and high quality at that, you have to be sure that you are not throwing your money away. The gas that fills the chamber has the property of trapping sound, not just trapping it, but preventing it from penetrating and spreading.  This provides high noise insulation values. In a region where noise is a common problem, double-glazed windows will be a godsend.

Will double glazing make my house warmer?

The next, equally important and significant factor is heat retention. Energy efficiency in other words, is also a characteristic of double glazing, which is essentially heat insulating, has heat retention and storage properties. The thermal insulation is improved by the air chamber, again, and the heat-reflecting layer (often the smallest silver particles) that is applied to the surface. To make it clearer how the process works, it is easier to explain using a thermos as an example: the metalized walls of the bulb reflect heat and the air chamber around the bulb reduces heat loss and keeps the temperature inside. In a glazing unit, all you need to do is apply a very thin layer of material to the surface of the glass to make it more heat reflective.

The high levels of energy efficiency in double glazing can be achieved by:

  • The number of chambers;
  • Filling of chambers with inert gases (argon, krypton);
  • Energy-saving and solar coating on glass;
  • The use of “warm” spacer frames in the insulating glass unit (polymer materials).

Does double glazing keep a house cool?

A significant element that keeps the energy efficiency of the window at a high level is the fittings and the gaskets. The fittings are responsible for the action of many of the opening/closing elements, so they must be perfect in construction and the quality of the fittings determines how well the room stays cool. In other words, when you ventilate the room, freshness should be retained for a longer period of time. The tightness of the window, which is ensured by the seals and the fittings themselves, prevents freshness from escaping the room. In addition, the double glazing coating prevents penetration of solar heat, harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. In this way, the room is filled with natural light, but is not heated by the scorching rays of the sun.

Why is double glazing better than single glazing at stopping heat?

Single glazing does not give the same energy efficiency because it is single-glazed, and covering two panes with special elements will not give the required effect than when double glazing is involved. In other words, the structural elements are simply not enough. Single glazing is therefore less effective. It will not prevent the sun from getting in during the summer making the room hot and it will not keep out the heat during the winter.

Is double glazing better than triple glazing?

Double glazing is no better or worse than triple glazing. Triple glazing only makes sense where conditions require it. When greater strength is required to prevent tampering, burglary, or when the weather and terrain conditions (industrial area, industrial zone near) really influence this choice. Double glazing is sufficiently strong and has excellent noise insulation, durability and energy efficiency ratings. But sometimes, nevertheless, these values need to be tripled, and this is when triple glazing may be an option.

What is the life expectancy of double glazing?

The service life of double-glazed windows is quite long. As mentioned above, this is influenced by factors of production and correct installation. If the glazing is of good quality, the installation has been carried out according to all the instructions, the service life will be long.

What are the disadvantages of double glazed windows?

Double glazing only has disadvantages when it is made in a garage, when unprofessional tools and equipment are used. Simply put, home-made windows will never be of high quality. Therefore, trust in a reliable manufacturer! Double-glazed windows are of high quality, as evidenced by their widespread use. Only when the glazing is bought from the wrong place will you find faults in the course of operation like unreliable air tightness, blowing, darkening of the plastic and other factors of bad production. A worthy manufacturer is a worthy quality.

Is acoustic glass better than double glazing?

Double glazing is acoustic when made with the appropriate technology and this factor must be taken into account when ordering. It originally has sound insulation properties, but they are also present in a particular design, for example in the glazing, whose chambers do not contain air, but inert gas. Glazing can be uncoated if you want a cheaper option. In this case, the strength properties will be preserved. But sound insulation properties will be lost. This is why double glazing is acoustic when, in the chambers, there is inert gas and the panes have a corresponding coating.

Are double glazed windows harder to break?

The glass in double glazing can be made of tempered glass, in which case the impact resistance characteristics will increase many times over. However, Viridianglass itself is already strong enough from the outset and it takes a lot of effort to break it.

What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

The advantages of double glazing are enough to make you choose it:

  • High energy efficiency;
  • Sufficient strength;
  • Durability;
  • Easy to operate and use;
  • Aesthetics;
  • A guarantee of high quality.
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