Colonial windows - More comfort and elegance

Colonial windows are arched as well as other shapes, designs that resemble those we are used to seeing in aristocratic manors. They are not beautiful only, but thanks to their size and multifunctional components they have excellent features. Colonial style windows protect reliably, are comfortable to use, bring novelty and beautiful style to exterior and interior.

When you buy Colonial windows from our company, you not only purchase high quality windows but also get the best service and carefree future!

Multifunctional windows

The structures can be manufactured in both standard and custom sizes. Sometimes they are called non-standard arched windows. They are perfect for large houses, large flats, luxury malls and business centers as well as other premises of different purposes. Colonial windows for sale have excellent noise insulation properties as they are made of double glazing with an inert gas between the panes, which prevents the penetration and spread of sound vibrations; they are energy efficient, keeping the room warm in winter and creating a comfortable atmosphere in the warmer months.

Noble appearance combined with durability

Classic-style modern colonial windows fit in well with any type of interior. Ampire, Provence, Baroque and other classic styles will look complete with colonial windows, while modern interior design will get a highlight.


Variety of sizes

Size range is not limited to standard solutions

Unique aesthetics

Modern colonial windows combine harmoniously with any style


Materials and construction components last for decades


Colonial windows are made of environmentally friendly raw materials

Variety of configurations

Production both standard models and individually designed


Double glazed colonial windows have noise insulation and heat saving characteristics

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Colour options

Depending on your requirements, there are a number of colour options. Modern colonial windows will look richly laminated in noble wood shades, and stylishly modern in any other colour from the RAL palette.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Anthracite Grey

Ash Black

Glazing options

We can offer colonial windows in a variety of glazing options to suit your requirements. Energy saving glass, soundproof and impact resistant, in various protection classes. Talk to an expert beforehand about what you want your future window to do: protect against intrusion, save heat, or protect against noise. We use the highest quality Viridianglass developed using the most innovative technologies and meeting the highest world standards.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Soundproofing Soundproofing


Safety Safety


The energy efficiency of glazing is an important characteristic, as it is the quality that is responsible for indoor comfort. Warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer is provided by high quality glazing, which is able to retain heat, minimize the penetration of drafts, sunlight, condensation, when the thermal insulation remains at a high level for a long time. Viridian glass solves the problem of energy saving in any season. In any weather your house will be filled with a comfortable atmosphere. Viridian glass is made with the latest technology, which makes living in windy, arid or rainy region coziness.
One of the key factors in choosing quality glazing is noise reduction. Is it worth describing the benefits of quality soundproofing when a room in a noisy region is always dominated by silence and tranquility. Noise neutralization is ensured by thick glass and multi-layer magnetron coating; and high-tech equipment ensures precision manufacturing. Viridian glass is the latest word in high quality glazing, and if you want noise to stay outside your apartment, make the right choice for noise neutralization.
Windows should perform, among other things, a protective function, because the comfort of living directly depends on the feeling of safety. Protection glass, namely Impact-resistant glazing uses tempered, laminated security glass, with a vinyl reinforcing film. These components make the glazing strong, resistant to mechanical impacts and durable. Such security glazing provides a high level of protection against intrusion and burglary. By installing glazing with Viridian protection glass, you will feel completely safe at all times.

Colonial window styles

These can come in a variety of colours as well as shapes. Arched, rectangular, square one.. You can choose any of the shapes that are most harmonious with the rest of the furnishings, exterior design and style in general. The advantage of our company is the possibility to manufacture the following window system configurations:

  • Berlin window;
  • Biforium window;
  • Bull’s eye;
  • Palladian (Venetian) window;
  • Mezzanine window;
  • Double hung colonial windows;
  • Window “Rose” and other configurations.

Price Calculator

You can calculate the price of your future colonial style windows with the calculator, specifying the required sizes and options and then you can send us a quote for your desired configuration for the further order.

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Colonial windows Installation

Window installation should be carried out when all the preliminary work has been completed. This process requires precision and knowledge. In addition, it is mandatory to have an arsenal of necessary materials. Depending on the order, the products may be heavy. Then there are some nuances that need to be taken into account during colonial window installation. In order for the window to fulfil all its functions to a hundred percent, the window must also be adjusted, which professionals with experience are ready to do immediately after installation.

Selection recommendations

Since the styles of colonial windows vary, first think about and assess the ambience of the room, how they will be suitable. This is for that you do not make a mistake with the type of window you need as it should match the features of the room and your requirements. There are also different types of fittings that can be fitted with additional elements. The glazing options are of practical relevance, so ask our expert which glass and what for is responsible. By the way, remember they also come in different designs.

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