Double Glazed Doors

Nowadays, you cannot imagine a home or business without double glazed doors. They are today’s standard because of so many thermal capabilities, security and noise reduction. Prestige Plus specialises in double glazed doors to complement our wide selection of windows. Historically, glass doors were mainly used to allow access to outdoor areas such as balconies, verandas, backyards. Today, glass doors are suitable for any room because of double glazing security.
Prestige Plus guarantees the top-class quality and variety at the best value making sure our customers are provided with only the best products which will fit in flawlessly into their homes or businesses. Prestige Plus offers a wide-ranging assortment of materials, types, configurations, options and accessories which will offer you a high-end quality finish, security and comfort to your home or office. We also guarantee you’ll get all the daylight you need by choosing our products and designs, without having to worry about your privacy being invaded. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.
Our double-glazed doors can be further combined and upgraded with our wide array of External Doors. This way, you’ll create perfection and streamlines design in your home or workplace by applying quality and the latest technologies.

Types Of Doors Available

  • uPVC (Steel Enforced) Double Glazed Doors

Doors made from steel enforced uPVC have the best acoustic and thermal properties. Furthermore, they require very low maintenance. This is precisely the reason why uPVC doors are enormously popular and a great substitute for high-end aluminium doors. Modern uPVC doors come in a plethora of colours, frame types, sizes and configurations.

  • Aluminium Double Glazed Doors

Aluminium is the strongest and most durable material, which does not require a lot of maintenance. Due to the fact, aluminium doors are the least affordable choice comparing to other types of door. Aluminium doors are often used for commercial properties and retail facilities. Nevertheless, they are also a wonderful choice for residential properties. Aluminium doors are available in large sizes and a variety of colours. High-quality aluminium window frames offer fabulous properties. However, their acoustic and thermal properties are of less quality than those of uPVC framing. Prestige Plus ensures all aluminium profiles are thermally broken (a uPVC/ foam separator profile is inserted to minimise heat transfer).

Glazing Options

When it comes to glazing options, you can choose double, triple, toughened, laminated, frosted, patterned, etc. At Prestige Plus all of the aforementioned glazing options are available and can meet all of your residential or commercial needs. Glazing glass offers better thermal insulation (temperature protection), acoustic insulation (noise reduction, soundproofing), security and safety, sun protection and privacy. Double glazed doors or triple glazed can be transformed and upgraded by utilising patterned glass, which will offer better privacy in desired rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms.

  • Security For Glass Doors

Security standards of common single glazed doors will not stop intruders. For that reason, Prestige Plus offers the latest technology and instruction when it comes to hardware and glazing. Furthermore, our products rise safety and security to a whole new level in your home, protecting your family and assets.

  • Handles For Glass Doors

Quality handles will enhance the design of your door and play a much bigger role in the security of your home or office. Handles are available in a variety of shapes, colours and materials. Some of the functions modern handles provide are Secustik-Function, Push Button, Key-Lock and Alarm handles.

  • Double Glazed Door Types

Prestige Plus supplies double and triple glazed doors in every possible type and configuration, such as Tilt and Turn, Tilt and slide, Lift and Slide, Bi-Fold, French Door, Swing Door, Sliding Door, French Window, Stacker Door. Each of the glass door systems has a full spectre of benefits, including thermal properties, acoustics and price differences between each system.

  • Ventilation Technology

Because of the high humidity and moisture in Sydney, you must let sufficient airflow and circulation into your property. Ventilation and air quality is the key to a healthy and productive environment because mould and mildew caused by condensation, can not only cause serious health trouble but lower your property’s value as well. This is especially complex, as air conditioning and heating systems impact on room climate, oxygen content and other factors. Prestige Plus supply frame and glazing ventilators, offering you a healthy and productive environment in your residential or commercial property.
For all your double-glazing needs, be it windows or doors, Prestige Plus has the answers. Call us today for a no-obligation chat to see how we can help you.