Lift And Slide Doors

Lift and slide doors started to become manufactured because people wanted larger panels with much better thermal performance. The lift and slide system operates in the way that it separates the sliding and locking actions from one another. This also offers the door option to door panels to be lifted above the tracking/rail panel during the opening and closing movements. This action increases the “air tightness” of the door.

Features Of The Lift And Slide Doors

Operating our lift and slide door is very simple. When the door is in a closed position the weather seals are in place. When you want to open it, just tilt the door handle 180 degrees to the right. This will unlock the door and engage the wheels which will, in turn, lead to the door being lifted by roughly 13mm.

The fact that the door is lifted means you’ll be able to slide it easily and avoid any rubbing against the weather seals. The moment you ‘lower’ your door, it becomes locked because of the continuous engagement between the floor and the seal of the doors. Thanks to this action, your home will be more secure.

Lift and slide doors can almost replace a traditional wall. Namely, the doors are designed in such a way that they can carry weights of up to 400 kgs! Furthermore, the ‘slider’ can be 3 meters wide and high and if customised correctly, you can increase its width and height even further. Lift and slide doors can be made out of wood, aluminium, uPVC or a combination of these materials. To make it even more secure, choose doors with double and triple glazing with retractable screens.


Unlike a simple sliding door which is pushed from one side to the other along a rail, a lift-and-slide system is moved inside the frame itself on wheels. To open the door, the handle is turned in the respective position. This will lift the casement slightly allowing it to be moved aside. Considering lift and slide casements are often heavier than common sliding doors, the wheels make the opening and closing procedure much easier while giving the impression of effortlessly gliding doors.

Lift And Slide Doors Are Popular For Various Reasons

  • Offer A Wall-To-Wall View

Lift and slide doors can offer a wall-to-wall view with no obstruction because you can order lift and slide doors to fit your space perfectly. When opened the doors create a dramatic, full-wall opening as the door panels stack to one side. These doors can be installed in spaces up to 12 feet tall making them ‘floor to ceiling’ as well as ‘wall-to-wall’.

  • Space-Friendly

Lift and slide doors do not need lots of space to successfully operate. These doors are the perfect choice for high-end apartment designs with limited spaces which require large windows to look fabulous. Because of the ‘sliding’ mechanism, neither of the sides of the door requires plenty of space for it to open. The doors can simply slide to the side and stack or the doors can be tucked into a ‘pocket’ in the wall.

  • Energy Efficiency 

You do not have to compromise on light and space when meeting your need for energy efficiency. The Prestige Plus lift and slide door is manufactured using high tech material and it combines maximum glass areas with the best energy efficiency. Our Lift and Slide Door also offer other benefits such as noise reduction and security.

  • The Frame

Lift and slide doors are available in a variety of materials. Choose between wood, aluminium, and composite materials, which offer a combination of characteristics of the single materials. Composite frames offer the aesthetic of a wooden frame in the interior while providing you with an excellent air exchange guaranteeing perfect thermal insulation.

The outer aluminium shell, on the other hand, offers better protection from heavy weather conditions such as rain and strong winds. Aluminium requires low maintenance, which means you won’t have to clean your doors as often as other types of doors.

  • The Glazing

The glazing can expand the functions of windows and doors. Insulated glass sets the focus on thermal insulation. Windows and doors require professional insulation to prevent heat loss which could have a negative effect on the environment and have negative effects on your budget in the long run. For a better impact on energy saving, choose insulated glass with multiple panes.

  • Acoustic Insulated Glass

Acoustic insulation glass can be a very rational venture for lift and slide doors. Lift and slide doors in combination with acoustic insulated glass will protect your home from noise perfectly. Homes that are located in noisy areas such as next to highways or bustling roads will require better acoustic insulation than houses in a quieter environment. Therefore, if you’d like to provide your family with soundproof doors, our lift and slide doors will be one of the best options.

  • The Installation Of The Door

Due to the size of sliding systems, we recommend you hire our professional team of experts for the installation. They will install the door according to all the regulations and guarantee that seals work and that the reveal is perfectly insulated. Incorrect installation can decrease thermal efficiency by causing thermal bridges. Furthermore, aside from not saving energy, poorly installed lift and slide door can cause mould in the generated condensate.

  • Modern Living With A Lift-And-Slide Door

In comparison to common balcony doors, lift and slide doors offer many more advantages. Large glass surfaces are modern and elegant allowing more daylight to enter the room, unlike small balcony doors. Not only is natural light warmer than artificial light, but it will also help you save energy in autumn and winter. This will further save your money on energy bills and have a positive effect on the living atmosphere in the house.

When you decide to install a lift-and-slide door, contact Prestige Plus for any advice and guidance you need. Our door will meet the highest demands of quality and design, according to the latest regulations, helping you create a comfortable and welcoming ambience in your residence.