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Bushfire safety is an essential part of every Australian’s life. Bushfires are unpredictable & uncontrollable; it is vital for every home to be protected to ensure the maximum safety for those living there. Due to the increasing risk of fire in shrubbery, trees, and bushes caused by high temperatures & winds, the priority for our experts is to ensure maximum safety through enhanced glazing, profiles & screens, in addition to high quality thermal insulation which you will experience all year round. Prestige Plus offers a wide range of windows and doors with fire protection, that can achieve up to BAL-40.

Choosing our company, you do not just get high-quality BAL-40 Windows & Doors, but acquire the highest quality service and solution to all your problems!

What is BAL-40 WINDOWS & DOORS safety?

To ensure the safety of commercial and residential properties, the authorities and regulators in Australia today have special requirements aimed at applying additional fire safety measures, calculated by the suburb you live in & the risk of fire danger in that area. These ratings are called Bushfire Attack Levels, or BAL for short. BAL-40 is one of the highest levels of protection you can receive, your local council will advise you of your BAL rating, every homeowner or tenant should be aware of their BAL rating so they ensure the home has the relevant protections and make an appropriate fire safety plan . Windows and doors are designed so that the complete unit works together as protection, including fire-resistant coatings, optimum glass thickness and screen fittings.

BAL-40 fire safety standards

For windows:

Comply with one of the following options:

Option 1: Standard windows can be used provided they are completely protected by bushfire shutters complying with AS3959:2009 and be made from non combustible material.

Option 2: The window system shall comply with AS 1530.8.1 when tested from the outside

Option 3: Windows must meet the following:

  1. All glazing shall be toughened safety glass minimum 6mm.
  2. Window frames shall be made from metal – this includes aluminium.
  3. Hardware that supports the sash in its function of opening and closing to be made from metal.
  4. Openable and fixed portions must be screened externally with metal screens with maximum aper[1]ture of 2mm (steel or bronze).
  5. Seals to stiles, head and sills or thresholds shall be manufactured from silicone or a material having a flammability index no greater than 5.

Note: Internal and External screens must be fitted in a way that does not allow gaps greater than 3mm in diameter. Where IGU’s are used and 5mm toughened glass is required it only needs to be applied to the external face.

For side hung external doors including french and bi-fold doors:

Option 1: As per windows

Option 2: The door system shall comply with AS 1530.8.1 when tested from the outside

Option 3:

  1. Doors shall be:
    • a. Non combustible or
    • b. A solid timber door having 35mm solid timber for the first 400mm above the threshold and protected externally with metal screens with maximum aperture of 2mm (steel or bronze) or
    • c. A fully framed glazed door made from non combustible materials.
  2. Exposed external hardware that supports the panel in its function of opening and closing shall be metal
  3. All glazing shall be toughened safety glass minimum 6mm.

BAL-40 doors and windows from Prestige Plus

The manufactured windows and doors fully comply with the declared standards and can protect all kinds of premises from ignition. These products have passed all the necessary tests and, as with conventional windows, are available in a range of colours and configurations. 

In the production process, high-quality materials are used, which are processed with high-tech equipment, making it possible to obtain windows and doors with a high level of safety and functionality. 

It is very important to remember about the maintenance of windows, namely keeping window and door openings clean, especially during the fire season. 

Before installing your new BAL-40 fire rated windows, ask for a free consultation with our specialist who will give you the necessary advice and explanations.

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Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)

BAL – LOWInsufficient risk to warrant a construction
BAL – 12.5Concern of ember attack
BAL – 19Increasing levels of ember attack and airborne burning debris. Increasing danger from radiant heat up to 19kwm²
BAL – 29Greater risk of damage from airborne burning debris Further risk from Radiant heat exposure up to 29kwm²
BAL – 40Burning debris ignited by windborne embers and radiant heat exposure up to 40kwm² Likelihood of direct flame contact
BAL – FZDirect flame contact from fire front & radiant heat exposure greater than 40kwm²


All of the above information is a general guide, in accordance with general government standards. Any item herein should be checked and verified against the original document of the applicable national standard. The company cannot be held responsible for the acceptance of this information as a guide for any action by any person without a deeper reason, i.e. without contacting the state control authorities directly. Each individual situation requires separate advice from both the company and the fire safety authorities. Prestige Plus expressly disclaims any liability for actions taken on the basis of this information without further clarification.

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