Bi-Fold Windows

Nothing fairly summarizes the attractive designs of modern double glazing like Prestige Plus bi-fold windows. Our bi-fold windows are individually framed window panels (sashes) hinged together. Most Bi-fold windows have anywhere between 2–6 separately framed window sashes. You can easily expand or contract the windows in a stretch-like manner to offer your home more ventilation. Once you expand the window, it closes the entire area. On the other hand, when the window is contracted, the rest of the windows stack up against each other.
Kitchens or houses with outdoor dining experiences are the places where you could easily and conveniently place bi-fold windows. This will allow you to fold one or all of the windows against each other making less or more ventilation to your indoors. We have been selling and installing bi-fold windows and other double glazing products in homes and businesses Sydney wide for years. Due to a year-long experience, we can proudly say that you should not doubt for a second but browse through our wide selection of windows and contact us if you want your home or office to have the top-class bi-fold windows.

Ways To Customise Your Windows

We at Prestige Plus want you to invest in a product that will properly reflect your personal aesthetic taste whilst also fitting into the existing look of your residential or business property. That’s why we offer an array of ways in which you can customise your new bi-fold windows. From hardware options such as handles and panel formations to a rich selection of colours and finishes, we at Prestige Plus will make sure you get exactly the style of windows your home needs. No matter the style you have in mind, you’ll easily be able to craft a personalised product. Contact our team of experts today to find out just how we make your home look better than ever.

Why Choose Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows are the perfect choice when it comes to maximising the amount of natural light and fresh air that you want to fill your home or office. Bi-folding windows can you up to a 90% increase in width if you open them fully because the panels fold easily and elegantly out of sight one after another very discretely. A variety of glazing options you will be able to pick from will make a more secure home or business once our experienced staff installs bi-fold windows in your property. You won’t have to worry about getting enough natural light because with our bi-fold windows you’ll have a perfectly illuminated home or business without fearing of others looking inside your home while passing by the property. Additionally, if you want to make your home more secure, our bi-fold windows are certainly going to be an excellent choice.


There are two ways in which bi-fold windows are generally set up. The first way concerns the windows that are joined to both sides of the frame. The frames are usually supported by rollers located at the bottom of the frame along with a rail at the top of the frame. Thanks to this sort of construction and setup, the process of opening and closing the window becomes unified. The second method is not as conventional as the first one because you can use them only if the area where you have installed the windows is being used as a serving counter. The rails and rollers at the bottom are eliminated to make it levelled, which also makes this option less affordable. When it comes to safety and security, each window frame of the most bi-fold windows has locks and flush bolts at the top or bottom. Sometimes, depending on your needs, the locks can be placed at both ends.

Benefits Of Bi-Fold Window System

One of the biggest benefits of bi-fold windows is that you are completely in control of the amount of ventilation you want to get inside. Namely, you’ll be able to open only one window or fold the entire lot if you want maximum ventilation. Bi-fold windows will allow a lot of light to enter your residence or business, and they are very convenient for homes who host plenty of entertainment as they can be used as serveries. Furthermore, thanks to bi-fold windows, your home will look more spacious too.

  • Relax In The Fresh Safety Of Your Sydney Home

One of the biggest advantages and most important characteristics of double-glazed windows and doors is primarily security. Bi-fold windows from Prestige Plus are no exception because they are resistant to attempted break-ins due to a structurally sturdy profile. Dedicated locking mechanisms and anti-lift systems that hold the window in place offer the best security you could ever look in a window.
Your new bi-fold windows will also do much more than just offer you maximum protection. Not only will bi-fold windows from Prestige Plus prevent intruders from entering your home or business but each of our products is also stringently weather-proofed. Due to specially designed finishes, your properties will be perfectly protected from the damaging effects of warp, rot and discolouring. This will further guarantee that your new bi-fold windows maintain to protect your home for years to come.

  • Enjoy The Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Double Glazing

The multi-chambered profile within all of our bi-folding windows is one of the reasons that they are a leading window choice in the market. Prestige Plus bi-fold windows use the natural energy-efficient properties of modern uPVC and strengthen it with an exceptional manufacturing process. This will thus maximise the amount of heat that stays in your home or office.
You can also order various hardware customisation options which will heat your home through the winter months. Both extra thermal breaks and a third layer for triple glazing will create a much warmer residence. Once your home is naturally warmer, you won’t have to leave a big carbon footprint. Your energy costs will be cut down too, saving you money for other investment.