Tilt And Turn Doors

Tilt and turn doors have the same concept as tilt and turn windows. First of all, it’s essential that you understand the advanced functionality of a tilt and turn system which essentially blends the functionality of the inward opening door with the ability to tilt the door in order to let the fresh air inside. Once the handle is placed in the downward position the door is locked and remains secure. In order to swing the door inward, the handle needs to be turned 90 degrees. When you need the door to be tilt open, all you need to do is place the handle in the 180-degree position or upward.

A tilt and turn door can be opened in the traditional sense from a hinge on one side of the door. Alternatively, they can be sealed and tilted at the top in case you want a bit of air-flow without taking up extra space inside or exposing the indoors to the outdoor elements. Tilt and turn doors can be used on the exterior of any building type on upper and lower floors and are a visually beautiful addition to any structure. As all the doors from Prestige Plus, tilt and turn doors are highly secure and feature a top-class design which will both improve the visual aesthetics of your home and structurally upgrade it.

Double Opening Doors

The transom opening (Tilt) is an efficient solution for homes or offices that need to be ventilated without letting the wind to enter the space directly. If the handle is turned downward the door will be closed. In order to allow lateral opening, turn the handle 90 degrees counterclockwise. For putting the door in transom opening, turn the handle for another 90 degrees so that it’s facing the ceiling.

Lateral Opening (Turn)

If you keep your door in the lateral opening, you’ll be able to let fresh air into the room, allowing the heat to go outside without obstructions. You can open it a little to cool down the room slightly, or open it all the way and ventilate the room quickly. When you wish to lock the door, close the sash completely and move the handle downwards, so it’s facing the floor, in order to put the door into the locked position.

Transom Opening (Tilting)

With transom opening, you can get fresh air inside the room, just enough so that the room isn’t stifling. The heat can go easily through the door’s top opening, while all the fresh air you need will feely enter the room through the side openings. Tilt the sash open by moving the door handle from downward position to the right by 180 degrees, so that it’s facing the ceiling. After closing the sash completely, turn the handle 180 degrees downward clockwise, if you want to lock the door.

Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Doors

  • Ventilation

One of the main benefits of tilt and turn doors is the wide-range of types of ventilation available. Thanks to the tilt function your interior will have top ventilation, conveniently allowing hot air to quickly escape through the top portion of the door. Besides, it will also cut back on letting in a strong breeze into the room. The turn function creates sufficient airflow and movement for thoroughgoing ventilation. This dual opening system will allow you to control your environment exactly the way you like it.

  • Better Air Seals

Tilt and turn doors are superior in terms of functionality to its competition even though it might not seem like that at first. Because of the better air-seals, the door will become air-tight. Traditional doors are much more prone to air and water leakage because they don’t have as many air seals and are not of good quality.

  • More Secure

In order for tilt and turn doors to function properly they must have a more robust internal hardware with numerous locking points. Additionally, the in-swing hinges will create extra security to the door front allowing forced or pulled open from the exterior. The tilt position adds to security whilst enabling ventilation. Once tilted inward the door will remain open with little ability to manoeuvre the window fully-open by intruders.

You want to make your home as secure as possible, so there are some features on modern tilt and turn doors that will do just that. Thanks to multiple-point locking “mushroom hooks” are located into several places around the main door frame. Internal glazing beads offer an additional benefit due to the glass that’s fixed in place and locked into the frame by glazing beads. Precisely because of those window beads inside the door are completely inaccessible to burglars. They won’t be able to remove the glass from the frame, so their intrusion will be impossible. High-quality locking handles alongside toughened glass on the inside of a double-glazed unit enhances the security of your home significantly.

  • Aesthetics

By choosing custom made uPVC doors from Prestige Plus, you’re getting an array of options for combining handles, colours, glazing, and frame choices. As far as the choice of colours is concerned, our doors can be custom laminated, giving you the option to have different colours inside and outside. You can also choose from a plethora of handle choices in terms of styles, shapes and colours so that you can create a more modern home design.

Just as our tilt and turn windows, a tilt and turn door is created for those who want the best of both worlds. Thanks to their construction, tilt and turn doors are a door and a window in one. When closed, these doors serve as tall windows filling your home with plenty of natural light. When open, tilt and turn doors operate impeccably as doors thus joining indoor to outdoor spaces. Finally, when they are tilted, these doors once more offer all the advantages of a window.

Want To Know More About Installing Tilt And Turn Doors?

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