Tilt And Slide Windows

Tilt and slide windows first saw the light of day in Germany. These windows have recently gained popularity in Australian homes thanks to their seamless design and perfect functionality. One of the key features of tilt windows is that their flexible opening options offer lots of lighting while they take up minimum space and ensure maximum ventilation. In addition, the adjustable tilting and sliding option allows for greater security. Tilt and Slide windows are very convenient because their multiple locking points are operable from only one handle.

Sydney Windows

These windows have 3 basic mechanisms, which include the closed position, the tilt position, and the slide position.

Benefits Of Tilt And Slide Window System

  • Safety And Security

If you’re looking for an ideal window solution to offer child protection, tilt and slide windows are the right choice. They’ll offer you safety restrictions on the windows in your home. Because of adjustable opening settings, tilt and slide windows are a good option for homes who need to stay secure, but also warm during cold winter months. Don’t worry about intruders coming in your home easily because when the window is set in the inward angle position the intruder will have no chance of entering through the narrow opening. Another security benefit is that you’ll be able to slide the window, tilt it or lock it with the same ever. The double-glazed glass panes will offer additional security and ventilation too, so feel free to check our assortment of tilt and slide windows and look for the perfect one for your residence.

  • Energy Efficient

Glazing options for tilt and slide windows, as well as for all of the windows and doors Prestige Plus offers, will ensure you’re very satisfied with thermal insulation and energy efficiency. A Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating is one of the glazing options for tilt and slide windows. With Low-E coating glasses are much better insulated which limits heat transfer. Tilt and slide windows can also be installed as multi-pane windows. The heat transfer will be effectively stopped because the air or insulating gas in a multi-pane window will stay trapped between the panes. With tilt and slide windows from Prestige Plus, you’ll be able to cut down your heating and cooling expenses significantly. Double glazed windows will make sure your home is cool enough during summer and warm enough during the winter, not making you pay extra for additional heating and cooling solutions. Not only do multi-gas panes serve as energy conservators, but they reduce condensation as well. This will further help successfully prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your home or office.

  • Cleaning

Our tilt and slide window system will ensure that the cleaning of your windows is easier than ever before. Thanks to the easy opening mechanism of a sliding window, you’ll be able to clean the window without a fuss both on the inside and outside panels of a tilt and slide window. Even if the window is located above street level, you’ll have no trouble making it squeaky clean. All you need to do is incline the tilt and slide window inwards to safely and easily clean both the inside and outside surfaces.

  • Space Saving

Tilt and slide windows will be especially convenient for those home or office owners who need space-efficient window options. Namely, the fact that you don’t need to open the window inward all the way, but you can only incline it you won’t have to worry about visual and spatial obstructions that other non-sliding windows create. When you need more air and ventilation, you’ll easily slide it to the side and enjoy the freshness while still having all the space you previously had when the window was shut down.

Features Mechanisms & Variations

  • Closed And Tilt Position

When the window is fully shut it is in the closed position. In this position, the windows can have either one locking point or multiple locking points, both of which can be operated with a key or just like that. In case you need more ventilation in the room, you’ll be able to use the most unique feature of this window – the “tilt position”. You can easily tilt the window towards the inside and get more fresh air for as long as needed. With enough big a gap like a sash on top, the hot air in the room will be extracted allowing the cooler air to fill the space instead. Without jeopardizing your safety, you’ll be able to ventilate your home for as much as you like, but still keep it warm. You won’t have to worry about catching a cold because when the window is in the tilt position, you’ll never feel chilly but only comfortable and able to breathe in the fresh air all the time.

  • Slide Position

The slide position allows the window to be fully open in case you need maximum ventilation in the room. Tilt and slide window handles or locks are highly flexible and require minimum effort to operate. You’ll be able to operate them at a 90-degree angle. For instance, if you want to lock the window, you’ll need to turn the handle so that it’s facing down. To put the window in the tilt position, you’ll turn the handle 90 degrees to your right from the locked position. Turning the handle right a further 90 degrees from the tilt position and having it face the ceiling, you’ll put the window in the slide position.

  • The Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism of the Tilt and Slide widows is highly reliable and does not require too much maintenance. Thanks to the carriage wheels and their larger diameter, but also mini brush-like structures at the bottom, you won’t have to worry about dust accumulating when you slide the windows. The design of the mechanism ensures maximum efficiency with minimum effort. The large size of the carriages also allows the sash/tilt position opening to retract from the mainframe by up to 4.5 inches. With a reliable roller system, you’ll always need minimal effort to move the windows smoothly.