Soundproof Windows with excellent noise insulation

Do you have a problem with noise? Our soundproof windows can turn your noisy environment into a peaceful and quiet atmosphere!

We propose:

  • Reduce noise by up to 85%!
  • All types of Soundproof Windows
  • Double and Triple Glazed Systems
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Controlled noise intake

If you live in an urban area, such as Sydney, noise, pollution from traffic and construction can completely disrupt your everyday life. In fact, an excessive amount of annoying sounds will likely lower the value of your property and has negative effects on your health, comfort and quality of life. So noise reduction windows will help to find coziness in areas, from which that enormous amount of sounds is coming.

Not to mention how critical soundproofing is for commercial premises including recording studios, bars, entertainment venues or even an office requiring privacy, such as a doctor’s office. Soundproofing will dramatically improve functionality of your workplace, along with patron enjoyment & comfort ability. Noise will be completely under your control, from room to room.

Modern and stylish windows – the highlight of your home or office

Our company produces modern acoustic window constructions to suit different room design objectives and personal preferences of the customer. The most popular models, stylish and aesthetically pleasing are presented on the website. If you can’t make a choice to buy right soundproof windows, our managers will help you.

Soundproof windows features and benefits

Resistant to negative influences

The acoustic windows are made of high quality virgin plastic.

High-quality fittings

The fittings are positioned along the entire perimeter of the acoustic window which makes it easier to operate it.

Variety of models

Casement, awning, fixed and other models of the soundproof windows are available to your choice.

Various colours

Besides lamination, we offer colouring with high-quality coating.

Size range

We can also manufacture a upvc window construction with special dimensions.

Double and triple glazing

We make window constructions with one, double and even three chambers with the high degree of sound insulation.

Optimum acoustic glass thickness

Thanks to the optimum thickness our glasses have good energy capacity and soundproofing qualities.

Turn-key installation

Our masters will dismantle the old windows and install the new ones!

Fair price of soundproof windows

The price includes selection of noise reduction windows, measurement and installation.

Quality service

We guarantee a high level of service throughout the entire cooperation.

Timeliness of production

We offer optimal terms of production and we always stick to them.

10-year warranty

We guarantee the longevity of all products manufactured by our company

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Soundproof windows colour options

Colours are not limited to standard shades. We offer lamination in natural wood shades as well as staining if a more unusual colour from the palette suits you. Thanks to the quality selection and staining, the windows will fit into any colour scheme in which the interior is designed.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Anthracite Grey

Ash Black

Glazing options

Insulating acoustic laminated glass and acoustic laminated glass are available in our company. Sound absorption by windows affects your quality of life. The sound transmission class of each window construction is different, but it should always meet the standard. For single pane windows the STC rating is probably between 26 and 28. It all depends on the thickness of the glass and the tightness of the window. Tightness is ensured by the sealing contour, with a rubber lining running along it. The STC ratings for double glazed windows usually range from 26 to 33. Here it all depends on the amount of air space between the panes of glass. The more air space, the higher the sound insulation performance. Soundproofing windows range from 48 to 54 units.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Soundproofing Soundproofing


Safety Safety


The energy efficiency of glazing is an important characteristic, as it is the quality that is responsible for indoor comfort. Warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer is provided by high quality glazing, which is able to retain heat, minimize the penetration of drafts, sunlight, condensation, when the thermal insulation remains at a high level for a long time. Viridian glass solves the problem of energy saving in any season. In any weather your house will be filled with a comfortable atmosphere. Viridian glass is made with the latest technology, which makes living in windy, arid or rainy region coziness.
One of the key factors in choosing quality glazing is noise reduction. Is it worth describing the benefits of quality soundproofing when a room in a noisy region is always dominated by silence and tranquility. Noise neutralization is ensured by thick glass and multi-layer magnetron coating; and high-tech equipment ensures precision manufacturing. Viridian glass is the latest word in high quality glazing, and if you want noise to stay outside your apartment, make the right choice for noise neutralization.
Windows should perform, among other things, a protective function, because the comfort of living directly depends on the feeling of safety. Protection glass, namely Impact-resistant glazing uses tempered, laminated security glass, with a vinyl reinforcing film. These components make the glazing strong, resistant to mechanical impacts and durable. Such security glazing provides a high level of protection against intrusion and burglary. By installing glazing with Viridian protection glass, you will feel completely safe at all times.

Soundproof windows sizes and price

The prices are based on standard window models. Since we also accept individual orders, all non-standard projects are calculated separately. Rest assured, we will make you a good offer.

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In our showroom we present the basic models of plastic soundproof windows. You can see what the window consists of and its main components and our managers will explain in detail what functions each element fulfils. A visit to our showroom is not only interesting, but also informative. In addition, there are models available in various colours, which also help you to make your choice.

Installation and configuration

UPVC windows are not just a rectangle of glass. Installation is carried out strictly according to instructions, so there can be no shortcomings in this matter. The installation width, the tightness of the installation joints, the finishing of the outer and inner linings and other important points of the installation noise reduction windows are all complex tasks that are difficult to carry out by yourself. Our craftsmen are experienced enough to carry out a high-quality installation.

Choosing advices

When choosing an acoustic window, you should pay attention to the profile, the reinforcement, the sealant and the material itself, i.e. the plastic. Many manufacturers skimp and use recycled material, which can be distinguished by its darker colour. Pay attention to the overlay on the contour of the seal. This element must be removable. A soldered-on lining reduces the quality of the construction. If you are buying a window for a balcony, you may choose single glazing, but if you are buying a window in a bedroom, for example, you should consider double glazing.

What to Expect with Soundproof Windows, from Prestige Plus:

  • Up to an 80% increase in noise reduction when compared to standard wooden or single glazed doors
  • Improved property value & sleep quality
  • High-performance doors with impeccable design, manufactured & installed with pristine workmanship
  • Low Maintenance – no need to varnish or paint, ever!
  • UV & Weather Resistance – doesn’t fade, warp or rot.
  • 10 year warranty on all products
  • Termite Resistance
  • Easy to Clean
  • To save money on energy bills & reduce your carbon footprint
  • Custom made, modern designs


Prestige Plus have created such a superior product for noise reduction by combining two of the most effective technologies, into one complete door unit;

  1. The first of these technologies is our uPVC frame, which excellent energy saving properties due to the thermal breaks in the profile. These breaks dramatically decrease the amount of UV & surrounding temperatures penetrating through the door, saving you hundreds on external heating or cooling devices such as air conditioning. These thermal breaks also significantly reduce sound and vibration from travelling through, making it the ultimate frame for soundproof windows & doors.
  2. The second, being the high-grade glass. Prestige Plus only use double-glazed or triple-glazed, toughed or laminated glass, which is slightly thickened for noise reduction. In between the planes is filled with a non-toxic insulating gas, which further increases your energy conservation and suppress’ noise-transference with outstanding results!

We assure you with confidence, our windows and doors will surpass your exceptions, giving you back your peaceful enjoyment!

Various Designs

Don’t settle for aesthetics  over functionality or visa-versa, when you can have both with Prestige Plus. Our wide selection of high-performance windows will provide you with a solution to your noise problems whilst giving you a modern, completely customisable feature. For sound-proofing, we high recommend these products due to their sturdy design & air-tight qualities:

Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt And Slide Windows

Awning Windows

Each door can be perfectly configured to suit your home in size, colour and design, they’re even available in a timber-look! Our doors can be also fitted with flyscreens, security or retractable screens.

Planing an upgrade or new build and not sure where to start? Please contact our team of experts, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote and invest in the best door solutions in Sydney!

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