Your windows and portal doors have high-grade SIEGENIA fittings.
To ensure that they remain in good working condition we recommend
that you inspect and maintain your windows/doors as described below at regular
intervals (at least once a year or more often for school and hotel buildings).

Cleaning and preserving surfaces

  • When treating surfaces (painting or glazing your windows/doors), remove all fittings and protect them from stains and spills.
  • Remove any stains or spills immediately because they could damage the surface protection of the fittings.
  • Use only mild, pH-neutral, diluted cleaning agents.
  • Never use sharp objects, abrasive agents or aggressive cleaning agents (such as vinegar or acidic cleaning agents) as they could damage the corrosion protection of the fittings.
  • When cleaning, ensure that no water runs into the fittings.
  • Dry the fittings thoroughly after cleaning and oil the surface with a non-acidic and non-resinous oil by wiping them with a cloth soaked in oil.

Inspection and Lubrication

Check that all fittings () are secure and check for wear.
  • Check that the top hinge pin ( X ) in pushed in up to the stop. If it is not, slide it up to the stop manually.
  • Check for loose fixing screws and check that the handle is secure. Tighten the loose fixing screws using an appropriate tool. Important: Do not overtighten the screws.
  • Have any worn/damaged fittings or overtightened screws replaced by a specialist company.

Grease or oil all movable fittings and all locking points.

  • Use only acid-free and resin-free oil or grease.
  • Use a grease spray on the movable parts in the window sash and spray into all openings in the fittings. Then move the fittings into position several times until the grease is distributed. Wipe off any excess oil or grease.
  • Grease the striker plates in the window frame using a firmer grease (consistency class 2 in accordance with DIN 51818) in the places where the locking cam engages with the striker plate.
Our maintenance grease is particularly suited for this. You can order it from SIEGENIA under material number ZXSX0120-093010.
UPVC Windows Maintenance - Inspection and Lubrication
UPVC Windows Maintenance - Inspection and Lubrication
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