A Little About Us

The glass window and door business has been our specialty for years now, which is exactly why we are the ones you should trust when it comes to your home improvement.

We are experts in the field so we'll recommend only the best possible methods that will meet your residential or commercial needs. Whether you’re building a new home, or you need to upgrade your existing house, or maybe you would like to equip your new office with high-quality windows and doors, Prestige Plus will always be a perfect choice.

With only the highest quality products, your new home or office will get the prestigious interior and exterior which is precisely what every respectable home and office should have.

Our Mission

Our customers are always provided with exceptional quality windows and doors along with the best value for the money they pay, which ensures they continue to come back to us year in year out. Prestige Plus has established an exceptional reputation in the industry of installing doors and windows.

Our Mission

With highly qualified and licenced Australian employees, Prestige Plus made sure to have only the best of the best in its team thus ensuring quality and excellent customer service.

High Australian Standards

Many of our products are exceeding Australian standards which means that if you’re looking for quality windows, Sydney is the city to come to because it is the home of the best company for door and window installation in Australia. Our company’s accreditation, components, and quality speak for itself as we are proud to say that Prestige Plus is a Member of the Australian Window Association (AWA), Vinyl Council of Australia and Australian Passive House Association.

A “Made in Australia” stamp is a part of all the products we make, which is the best proof that we provide top quality windows and doors Sydney wide while supporting the Australian economy.

Prestige Plus has made sure that all the products are manufactured at an Australian plant under the highest quality standards, which is precisely one of the factors that set us apart from competitors. We have contributed immensely to the manufacturing industry in Australia by offering our customers products constructed only by Australian craftsmen.

Our Process


Listen and Collaborate

Listening to our customers’ needs is one of the biggest priorities in our company. We make sure to always listen carefully to what the latest demand requires as well as to meet the most common needs today’s people have, when it comes to their window and door design. Understanding your situation is very important to us because that is the only way we are able to produce quality products that will serve you for years to come. We are always open to offering you advice and ideas in order to help you upgrade your home to the highest levels. Many customers have come to us with their own designs ready to just have their windows installed, but were unaware of the smallest details that we pointed out and helped them avoid a series of interior mishaps. Collaboration is imperative when it comes to a successful result, which is why we always try our best to take into account all of the customer’s requirements. That is the only way we can later come up with an outstanding result that will make both sides happy.

Budget & Planning

We know that budget is a huge part of interior remodelling, which is why we will gladly provide you with a quote after receiving all the necessary information from you. The details you’re likely going to need to send us are measurements as well as drawings. As previously mentioned, money is not our goal but merely a fuel that keeps us in the leading position in windows and doors manufacture. That is precisely why we will be open to sending our representatives to take exact measures in case you are happy with the initial quote. You should know that every quote can be subject to modification. Therefore, if major changes are required in order to install your windows and doors of choice, the existing quote will not stay as predicted the first time around. We'll be more than glad to give you a detailed report on why the costs may be higher than expected because your satisfaction is our major goal.


As our mission is to only offer the best to our customers; all our Double-Glazed Windows and Double-Glazed Doors are custom-made with great care and attention to details. Therefore, you will need to provide us with a security deposit after ordering your perfect set of windows and doors. This will only be a guarantee for us that you will indeed stick to your decision and trust us until the end. The process of making will begin right after the deposit is received. The following steps will include us making an order for the glass, special hardware and required materials. After having all the necessary materials, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how long it will take for us to make your windows and doors, as well as when we will be able to deliver and install them to your residence or a company.


When it comes to an entire process of installation, our experts will deliver and install all required products. All of the craftsmanship and engineering we put into our products would be for not, if we didn’t have an entire team of professional installation craftspeople to fit the doors and windows into your home with care, respect, and professionalism. You and your neighbours won’t have to worry about any interruption because our team of trained and licensed tradesmen will provide professional and tidy installation without disrupting your daily routines. You should also plan for the installation costs as they will not be included in what you pay after the deposit. After the doors and windows have been installed, you’ll need to pay the cost of installation on site.


Amazing job in our office (KemnorSureGroup). Very fast, clean and accurate professional team!!! They can make good advice from your needs. Great quality of materials and the best installation!!!!
Ekaterina Savinova
Amazing service and fantastic quality. Really happy with my new windows. The guys are punctual, reliable and get the job done. Thanks Prestige Plus.
Amanda Chlotou
If you're looking for new windows then I highly recommend the guys from Prestige Plus. I'm really happy with the result. My windows look amazing, the price was right and the service spot on.
Larissa Korsta
Excellent work and excellent guys. I really appreciated the advice, honesty and the quality of work they did for my house. I'll use them again!
Tong Wei
Very satisfied with the product and install. I would highly recommend Prestige Plus.
Jason Madz
Prestige Plus fitted out new doors and windows for my commercial building. I give them 6 stars out of 5 for value and quality. I recommend you give these guys a call first before going anywhere else.
Thomas Latif