Colour Options

uPVC has been used for fabricating double glazed windows and doors, around the world for over 30 years due to its superior performance & quality. In the beginning, white was predominating the only colour available however as technology & design has improved so has the colour selection.

 At Prestige Plus we aim to supply only the best for each of our clients, which includes providing a premium range of colours for you to choose from. Each of our options are made from a UV resistant compound, so say good-bye to your paint brush as the colour will never fade or require any maintenance!

 Please see our colour chart below to visualise our options including White, Ash-Black, Cream, Silver & Aluminium Grey. We also have two timber-look options being a Golden Oak & Nut-Tree. Whether you have a traditional, modern or alternativity designed home, Prestige Plus have a colour to suit your home no matter the style.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Anthracite Grey

Ash Black

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