Tilt And Slide Doors

Tilt and slide doors are considered to be an improved version of the sliding doors. With this version, not only can the door sash be made to tilt inwards so that the sash comes free from the main frame with the help of a rail system, but this system also enables a cam locking system to be employed. You can operate the door in the regular slide manner whilst including the tilt function whenever you need it.

If you decide to buy tilt and slide doors from Prestige Plus, you’ll be able to operate them in three positions. The first one is closed, the second tilt and the third slide. To open the door into a secured tilt position at the top, which will be ideal for ventilation, you’ll need to turn the handle 90°. To let the door swing out at the bottom and slides to an open position, twist the handle 45°upward.

Every Prestige Plus tilt and slide door is custom-made to fit your business or home. You can also configure your tilt and slide door to fit your home’s design for thermal and burglary protection, comfort and design. A Prestige Plus specialists near you can give you expert advice on selecting suitable options as well as providing you with a quote.

This perceptively designed uPVC tilt and slide door system offers an exceptional, space-efficient functionality with a sash that slides open parallel to the fixed unit, instead of into the room. The wide range of features and options available for this tilt and slide door makes them suitable for many functions. From domestic home improvements to renovations and even commercial installations if you’d like to create a more up-to-date business interior.

When picking out tilt and slide door frames you can choose from 4 different types of materials. Aluminium clad timber, timber, aluminium wrapped PVC and standard uPVC. If you want better insulation, all timber doors are a good choice. The timber doors are less affordable and require more care in terms of maintenance, unlike aluminium and uPVC doors. If you’re on a budget, the aluminium-clad timber option will fit into your financial plan perfectly because you’ll be able to customise it in any way you like. What’s more, the aluminium-clad timber doors are weather-resistant, aesthetically beautiful and require minimal maintenance.

Features Of The Tilt And Slide Doors

  • Better Security

One of the greatest features of tilt and slide doors is that they will make your home more secure because you won’t have to open them fully in order to ventilate your home. In addition to this, you’ll also have a peace of mind when it comes to your children’s or pets’ safety since they won’t be able to run out of the house when doors are in a tilt position. Due to the tilt feature, the door cannot be opened from the outside because the locking mechanism which stays in place on the inside.

  • Great Insulation

Your house will also be properly insulated because of the double seal tilt and slide doors feature. Our tilt and slide doors are positively locked for tamper resistance. The sash and frame corners are mitre-cut and welded, which eliminates caulking and joints that may lead to loosening and leaks. Due to a multi-chambered design which features double-wall construction, strength is more increased you’ll get a much better thermal insulation. You can order your perfect tilt and slide doors with either double or triple glazing.

  • Exceptional Design

Tilt and slide doors feature a very unique design alongside sturdy frames guarantees Prestige Plus doors will last a lifetime. The tilt and slide door’s sash opens upward and outward in a horizontal manner, which is why there will be a minimum chance of wear and tear on the seals. Because of this, you’ll be able to operate the doors smoothly and without much fuss. Tilt and slide doors are the perfect combination of elegant design and space-saving characteristics, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces. They are also double glazed which will make your home more energy-efficient and soundproof. Our tilt and slide doors’ hardware is cleverly concealed allowing for a simple, elegant appearance.

  • Easy Operation

Tilt and slide doors from Prestige Plus are very easy to operate thanks to a single handle which you can effortlessly unlock the door with, moving it into either a tilt or a slide mode. You’ll need very little effort to open your tilt and slide doors. You can have plenty of ventilation and provide access by tilting or pushing your tilt and slide doors open sideways. Thanks to a smooth-running one-handed lever handle you’ll be able to open the door whenever and however you want. With positively controlled shears the door leaf will be initially pushed into the tilt position. Once you turn the handle further out of the horizontal position, the leaf will return to the parallel position. When you want to slide the door to the side all you’ll have to do is glide them from the parallel position.

  • Weather-Tight And Strong

Thanks to our dual sealing system a barrier against the elements is formed so that the outer seal blocks air, water and dirt. The inner seal remains incessant around the whole unit, making it completely air and watertight. Also, a very strong frame and sash together with a multiple-point-locking-system create a highly secure opening alongside an unobstructed view, while making your doors highly energy-efficient. 

Our double-glazed tilt and slide doors offer an entire array of benefits for both you and your home. From helping you save on your electricity bills to adding security and peace of mind, reducing noise, offering better heating and cooling efficiency, to reducing your carbon footprint, with our tilt and slide doors your home will be a more comfortable place to live in.

Our professional team of experts, manufacturers and installers will make sure you’re happy with whichever type of door you choose for your home. We will offer you a quote and meet with you in your home for any necessary measurements and estimate. Feel free to contact Prestige Plus today and invest in the best door solutions in Sydney.