Tilt And Slide Doors

Tilt and slide doors are the new & improved version of sliding doors, due to their dual opening design. No longer to do you need to choose between doors being opened or closed, when you can simply tilt one frame forward & have a steady flow of fresh air. This feature also allows you to lock the door into place, even whilst tilted so you can enjoy ventilation all day long!

Tilt And Slide Doors

Features Of The Tilt And Slide Doors

  • Great Insulation 

Tilt and Slide doors from Prestige Plus have exceptional thermal properties within uPVC profiles & double or triple-glazing, creating a more comfortable interior during winter months and cool in summer. This technology prevents external temperatures from getting in or out of your home which will reduce your reliance on heating or cooling devices, such as heaters or air conditioning. This alone can save you hundreds on your bills! 

  • High Security & Easy-Use

Our tilt and slide doors’ hardware is cleverly concealed allowing for a simple, elegant appearance with maximum functionally and smooth operation. Each door has a very strong frame, together with a multiple-point-locking-system creates a highly secure door, that’s practically impossible to tamper with. As well as this, Prestige Plus choose to only work with toughed or laminated glass to provide the highest quality to their clients, so simply by choosing our company you’re already on your way to a more safer & secure home.

  • Design

Every Prestige Plus tilt and slide door is custom-made to fit your business or home. You can also configure your tilt and slide door to fit your home’s design for high thermal ratings (energy conservation), soundproofing and burglary protection. This perceptively designed system offers an exceptional, space-efficient door system. Available in a large range of colours or timber-look, just click the link! Prestige Plus also supply high-quality flyscreens, security screens and retractable screens to suit every client’s needs.

Our doors are considered to sustain every type of weather perfectly, they won’t split or warp or rot regardless of weather conditions. They are also do not require painting or varnishing, and are Termite & UV Resistant. Please feel free to provide your details below, including some measurements of your current door & we will gladly supply you with a free quote!

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