Integrated Blinds

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Integrated Blinds – What is it?

Integrated blinds in the double glazing unit are a fairly new offering for uPVC windows. They add style and modernity to the window and are very convenient to use. Horizontal lamellar blinds are among the most effective traditional models. These products are independent elements that are integrated into the glazing (between the two panels of glass) and are designed to create a comfortable environment in the interior rooms through manual closing of the blinds, which will ensure minimum penetration of light and ensuring your privacy within your own home. Thus, integrated blinds not only make the double glazed window more modern but also extend its functionality. They blend perfectly with any interior, are suitable for different kinds of blinds and provide convenient and efficient adjustment of sunlight entering the room.

How do integrated blinds work?

Today there are several types of such blinds, allowing window customers to choose the best option. The shutters do not affect the functional characteristics of the window (heat-insulation, noise insulation etc). They complement the functionality of the window.

The blinds, whether fitted in the insulating glass unit or in a split unit, can be controlled in different ways: 

  • roller – lowering, raising and turning of the lamellas is done through a special unit with a cord, which is built into the profile and is suitable for plastic and aluminium windows; 
  • magnetic – provides a standard set of functions by means of two magnets placed outside and inside the glazing unit; 
  • rotary – control is executed by means of a handle placed outside the sash, which only rotates the lamellas (lifting and lowering functions are not available in this system).
Integrated blinds

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Benefits of integrated blinds:

  • Ensures privacy. No need to worry about the transparency of the room;
  • Long lifespan. These products do not get dirty, cannot be touched or damaged, and are safe from children and animals;
  • Regulates sunlight entering the room. You control how much light is needed in the room for total comfort;
  • Easy operation. No problems with closing and opening the slats.

Another thing worth pointing out is the silence of the integrated blinds. When airing, the integrated blinds do not make any sound thanks to the tight fixing into the window unit.

You can choose the colour of the blinds, which will harmonise with the shade of the window frame and the interior design of the room. The integrated blinds can rotate 360 degrees to adjust the amount of light entering the room. They can also be raised / lowered according to the height of the window.

The blinds in the glazing unit will be protected against mechanical breakage as well as contamination.

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