Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms and showers are an area of increased humidity in your home, which means it requires adequate ventilation to prevent mould and mildew from growing. The best way to ventilate the space and allow all the moisture that accumulates in the air when you run a shower or bath to escape is to install a bathroom window. At least one window that can be opened is essential in your bathroom.
Only 15-20 minutes of bathroom ventilation will significantly reduce the humidity levels in the air and prevent moisture damage to your home in the long run. Don’t risk having mould on windows, surrounding walls, and around the bathtub, but opt for best bathroom window solutions from our wide selection of products. Mould grows in warm, very humid environments and if unnoticed, it will eventually spread and possibly lead to respiratory problems. Properly ventilated spaces are much better at resisting mould and preventing serious wall damage. The best windows for your bathrooms have to be operable and offer superior energy efficiency. Prestige Plus offers a wide assortment of bathroom windows that will fit perfectly into every home!

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Crank Windows For Bathrooms

When it comes to energy-efficiency performance, crank windows are the best option. Unlike sliders which have weather-stripping, crank windows have a compression seal around the part where moving sash meets the frame. Thanks to the airtight unit that a compression seal creates, your bathroom will retain all the warmth inside when the window is closed.
Crank windows can come in the casement or awning style. Casement windows are usually used in vertical openings and have a hinge on the side of the window.

What Makes Bathroom Windows Special?

  • Size

One of the things that make bathroom windows special is their size. Namely, bathroom windows are usually smaller than windows in other areas of the home. One of the reasons for this is that the larger the size, the higher the heat loss. What’s more, when the window is small, you won’t have to worry about losing your privacy either. Bathrooms are best kept cosy so if you want to keep the privacy and make sure the bathroom is always an enjoyable place to have a bubble bath at, choosing a smaller size could be preferable.

  • Condensation

Bathroom windows are by far the most humid areas in a home, and condensation caused by humidity can wreak havoc on wooden windows in particular. While most of us don’t consider treating the interior of the frame a high priority, it is, however, essential if you want it to withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations. You can also decrease the condensation issues by making sure you crank the window open after you shower.
Our tilt and turn windows can be especially convenient for this purpose because they can be fully opened to let the steam out and then opened slightly for a longer period since security issues are less of a concern. Thanks to the tilt function your interior will have top ventilation, conveniently allowing hot air to quickly escape through the top portion of the door. Besides, it will also cut back on letting in a strong breeze into the room. Triple-glazed windows will also solve the problem of condensation because their insulation properties will reduce the difference in U-value between the windows and the rest of the construction. The vapour won’t condense or frost on the glass because with a better insulation value of the window, comes the higher temperature of the interior glazing surface.

  • Warmth

Having a nice and cosy bathroom is imperative for every home because showering in a breezy area is not healthy. Instead of installing an electric towel-rack and splurging on energy costs, pick a more permanent solution. In the time of bathroom remodelling be sure to upgrade your windows and opt for the ones that will not leak heat to the outdoors or transfer cold air into the room. Double-glazed and triple-glazed windows offer exceptional thermal properties because they are well-insulated. Thanks to the sealed air gap between the two glass panes, your windows will practically have an extra layer of insulation, which will make your home warmer during colder months and cooler in the summer. Triple-glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed, but if your bathroom window isn’t very big it could be affordable for you. This will ensure you get all the warmth in your bathroom throughout the winter nights and mornings.

Finding Bathroom Windows For Sale, The Easy Way

Replacing windows isn’t something we do every day and it can be an expensive project to undertake. This is why so many people end up feeling overwhelmed and confused because there is a lot to know and a lot at stake. Informing yourself is key to reducing these negative feelings, so don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for any type of advice you need. Prestige Plus will gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote.