Bi-Fold Doors

A door gives you a way; a bi-fold door also renews your space. It alters the concept of the room. It improves configuration of the living space without changing shape of the room. It can bring convenience and pleasure into your life.

Choosing our company, you do not only get high-quality doors, but acquire the highest quality service and carefree future!

Bi-Fold Doors Description

If you want to erase the boundaries between indoors and your garden, bi-folding doors from Prestige Plus are the best choice. A bi-fold door is a door unit with a minimum of 2 or more panels framed individually, attached to the hinges to create a smooth zig-zag motion. Such doors will transform, modernize and add extra value to your home, while also offering more illumination to the interior. When fully opened, these doors are slim and unobtrusive.

With Prestige Plus, you’ll be able to order your bi-fold door panels in a range of colours & timber-look finishes, check out our colour options here. Our doors can also be fitted with retractable screens in order to keep insects out, but also allow an uninterrupted view on demand!

Examples of completed orders

Modern uPVC bi-fold doors are very stylish and fashionable. And they are extremely functional, transforming the space and letting in more natural light. That’s why this type of door is gaining more and more popularity. Bi-fold doors are available in a wide range of configurations, so it is easy to find a solution that matches the design of the room.

Bi-Fold Doors Features

Flexible & Luminous Design

Room more illuminated.
Increased level of aesthetics of the premises

Security & Reliability

Absolute security due to locking system and special glazing

Increased Property Value

Modernization of the interior in accordance with the trends.
Improved living comfort

Energy Efficiency

Illumination and insolation problems solving.
Heat and cold control at no costs

Thermal Efficiency

Temperature control in the premises.
Warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Durability & Low Maintenance

Resistance to bad weather conditions.
Provided with a protective tight seal.
No painting required

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Bi-Fold Doors Colour options

We can offer colour solutions for any interior design. The most popular colours for bi-fold doors are presented on our website. But if you are looking for special colour or shade, you will definitely find a solution by contacting our specialists.


Golden Oak


Nut Tree


Grey Aluminium

Anthracite Grey

Ash Black

Glazing options

There are a huge number of types of glazing, the use of which can give the necessary properties to the glazed bi-fold doors. We can offer doors with various glazing options to suit any of your needs. In our production we use the highest quality Viridianglass, developed with the most innovative technologies: energy-saving glass, textured glass, soundproof and shockproof glass, of various degrees of protection. This wide selection of glazing meets all the requirements of the highest international standards.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Soundproofing Soundproofing


Safety Safety


The energy efficiency of glazing is an important characteristic, as it is the quality that is responsible for indoor comfort. Warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer is provided by high quality glazing, which is able to retain heat, minimize the penetration of drafts, sunlight, condensation, when the thermal insulation remains at a high level for a long time. Viridian glass solves the problem of energy saving in any season. In any weather your house will be filled with a comfortable atmosphere. Viridian glass is made with the latest technology, which makes living in windy, arid or rainy region coziness.
One of the key factors in choosing quality glazing is noise reduction. Is it worth describing the benefits of quality soundproofing when a room in a noisy region is always dominated by silence and tranquility. Noise neutralization is ensured by thick glass and multi-layer magnetron coating; and high-tech equipment ensures precision manufacturing. Viridian glass is the latest word in high quality glazing, and if you want noise to stay outside your apartment, make the right choice for noise neutralization.
Windows should perform, among other things, a protective function, because the comfort of living directly depends on the feeling of safety. Protection glass, namely Impact-resistant glazing uses tempered, laminated security glass, with a vinyl reinforcing film. These components make the glazing strong, resistant to mechanical impacts and durable. Such security glazing provides a high level of protection against intrusion and burglary. By installing glazing with Viridian protection glass, you will feel completely safe at all times.

Bi-Fold Doors Configurations

Bi-Fold doors configuration options differ in the number of panels, the direction the doors open, the presence of one independently operated door panel, allowing you go in and out without full opening the bi-fold. Outward opening configuration is more popular due to space saving.

Bi-Fold Doors Price Calculator

You can calculate the costs of the uPVC bi-fold doors you would like to order in the online calculator, specifying the required dimensions and additional options. Then you can send us a ready-made cost estimate and the desired window configuration.

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Bi-Fold Doors Installation

The installation of bi-fold doors needs good skills. They can be an efficient solution only when properly installed. The multi-panel designs require professional installation. The assembly must be correctly aligned in the opening. The component parts must be carefully fastened to each other to ensure trouble-free doors operation. Choosing our company, you do not only get high-quality doors, but acquire the highest quality door installation and configuration service.

Selections recomendations

Your choice of doors depends on your needs. When purchasing commercial bi-fold doors, the choice is based on design and fit. When choosing plastic double bi-fold interior doors and folding interior doors or choose configuration of plastic laundry doors first of all, you should consider the ideas of saving space. If you want to illuminate a dark space by opening up a living area, frameless folding doors allowing you enjoy outdoor view is the best solution. We produce European style uPVC doors at the best prices in a wide variety of designs. You can find the best solution with Prestige Plus.

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