What are French Doors

You can be rest assured Prestige Plus French doors are the best value and quality in Australia. We manufacture our doors ourselves and only use Australian made materials ensuring our French doors are the highest quality at the best value. Our doors are made to order and we have transparent or translucent panel designs for you to choose from. If French doors aren’t an option we have a range of bi-fold doors as an alternative. Prestige Plus bi-fold doors are also of high quality and value.

Prestige Plus French doors will last you many decades, and chances are you’ll never need to replace your door again in your life time. All our doors come with the Prestige Plus guarantee and can be made to order. Call us to discuss options. Prestige Plus services the east coast of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, ACT and Melbourne.

What are French Doors

French doors, which are also sometimes called French windows, are doors made up of panes or panels of glass. Wooden frames or partitions separate each pane. Glass panes are generally rectangular in shape and make up the majority of the surface of the door. French doors add a touch of luxury to your home and create a warm ambient feel. They bring more natural light and can be used in a way to divide rooms and set them apart while still maintaining an open feel to the overall space.

French doors can be functional however they are more typically used more for aesthetic purposes. Because French doors are versatile, they may be a repeating theme in a home. A pair, or in some cases, many pairs of doors are often used to keep an open feel.

The classic French design uses one or more transparent or translucent panels and these doors are often hung in pairs. Generally, French doors in pairs don’t require a central frame or ‘mullion’. This allows for a wider unobstructed opening, making them perfect for wide entries, hallways and even balconies. Internal French doors also work well in areas where you want to be able to open double doors to allow the light and fresh air to stream between rooms.

French doors are an attractive addition to any home and can be perceived to be a good investment. In many cases, adding such a door will increase the potential sale value of the home.

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