Types of uPVC Windows and Doors

The furnishing of a house requires an individual approach, the purpose of which is to diversify the appearance of the interior and the exterior, to complement it and emphasise its aesthetics. As the closing design element, windows serve as a protective component, aesthetic accent as well as an element that creates coziness in the house. That is why it is worth paying close attention to the types of uPVC windows and equally important to choose doors carefully.

The window industry today is in step with the times and thanks to the development of the technological space of production facilities, an arsenal of tools, and the experience of experts, it has become possible to produce the most perfect designs in terms of functionality and design. Any architectural solutions can be designed as per the project without any problems with different types of uPVC windows.

What is the difference between uPVC windows and what is the difference between uPVC doors

Windows can be differentiated in the following ways:

  • Design
  • Configuration 
  • Functionality
  • Glazing
  • Colour
  • Material.

The design is usually adapted to the style of the interior, the location of the room with regard to natural light, as well as the architectural features of the room. Today it is possible to choose a window not only in a room decorated according to the latest design trends, but also in a room that was a model of aesthetic design centuries ago and today remains irresistible as a symbol of a particular era. In this context, it is not only the diversity of windows or types  of uPVC doors that is important, but also the technical possibilities of production. After all, it is thanks to modern equipment that even the most ambitious project can be realised. 

As far as doors are concerned, the main difference is the availability of glazing. That is, you can buy doors with or without glass. If you choose the first option, we can offer you various privacy options:

  • Artistic decoration (sand-blasted, classic and painted stained glass, faceted etc.).
  • Frosted float glass (satin, glass with a mirror effect)
  • Tinted 

In each particular case you may choose one or another way of opening the door. You will find information on each configuration and design of each window in the relevant sections of our website.

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Options for plastic windows

Window configuration plays a role when it is important to you how to open it and today we can offer the following types of configurations:

It is worth mentioning that upvc window options do not depend on configuration. The functionality of the windows depends on several factors:

  • Customer needs
  • Living conditions (regional climate, infrastructure)
  • Financial abilities of the customer.

Full functionality consists of good noise insulation, energy efficiency, and impact resistance. These are factors that ensure a comfortable and silent environment indoors, and also save the budget on utility bills. Energy efficient windows are more expensive than conventional windows because they require additional production costs and the use of innovative technologies and materials. However, in the future, you will be able to assess how beneficial it was to purchase energy-efficient windows. If you talk about the degree of impact resistance, the choice depends on where you live, how harsh the climate in a particular region and how much you want to protect yourself against burglary. Shatterproof windows also vary and these can be the following types of glazing:

  • Laminated glass
  • Tempered
  • Glass with vinyl reinforced film.

Returning to energy efficiency, such glazing uses an innovative Low-E coating, obtained by two processes: a magnetron or pyrolytic process, which gives the glass heat-saving, protective properties and durability characteristics.

Window styles

There is a great variety of window styles and shapes. The advantage of a wide range is that the complexity of the architectural design of a room is not a problem, because it is realistic to choose the most suitable option, even if more complex window construction geometry (trapezoid, round window, etc.) is required.

In addition to unique style we also offer unique colours. This can be in different shades of wood or other colours from the palette on offer. 

To summarise the above, we can say that plastic windows and doors have a great variety of styles, functionality, and other features which our qualified managers will tell you about. Our in-house production guarantees the highest quality in every design, durability and ease of use. You will enjoy the comfort of living at all times of the year!

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