Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

It is no secret that windows do not only have an aesthetic function as a component of interior and exterior design. They are a protective element and guarantee of comfort, because it is the windows that protect against bad weather, cold, heat and various atmospheric phenomena. Energy Efficient Windows is not a fashionable name or a marketing gimmick, although many use the name for this purpose. Energy Efficient Windows provides this protection. Today’s production technology makes it possible to produce high quality, multifunctional glazing with a modern design. 

Energy Efficient Windows perform the following functions:

  • Efficient distribution and preservation of heat during the cold season;
  • Insulation and neutralisation of outside noise;
  • Protection against harmful solar radiation;
  • Keeps the atmosphere cool in summer;
  • Rationalisation of the use of heating appliances and air conditioning at all times of the year;
  • Saving money on utility bills.

What makes Energy Efficient Windows perform these functions? 

Let’s look at the construction of the windows. 

  • The first component is a well-reinforced frame with the installation width required by technical standards: depending on the configuration, this varies from 60 to 76 mm. This point is very important, as it is the frame that is a kind of bearing element of the whole glazing structure: glazing, fittings. 
  • Glazing. Our production uses high quality Viridianglass, which is resistant to strong atmospheric conditions and provides full security against intruders.
  • Coating. We use the high-tech Low-E coating, which is made by pyrolytic and magnetron sputtering. This ensures that the sun’s rays are converted into a source of heat and light, while at the same time neutralising the harmful UV and infrared radiation, which are all radioactive to varying degrees. The Low-E coating in Energy Efficient Windows plays a key role in conserving and distributing heat or cold. Heating appliances, by emitting heat energy, have to generate it all the time. The coating allows the heat to be repelled away from itself, returning it back into the room. In this way the heat can circulate efficiently and the operation of the radiators can be reduced many times over, which saves a considerable amount of money. The same applies to the operation of the air conditioning system.
  • Inter glass space. We can all see the chamber between the panes of glass in Energy Efficient Windows, but we don’t know what it does. The empty chamber is either filled with air or gas. The second option is more effective because it is the gas that concentrates the noise coming from the street and neutralises it later on. It is quite effective in keeping out annoying noises, particularly if your home is close to the road or near an industrial area. 
  • Good quality seals. Tightness is ensured by elastic and flexible seals that are removable and can be replaced if necessary. Such elements prevent draughts, air bridges and moisture formation. 
  • Fittings. This is a collective term that includes dozens of components: all sorts of locks and latches. The quality of the fittings must be particularly high because they are subjected to an enormous strain and they must be able to withstand an endless number of openings and closings. 

Energy Efficient Windows, as you can see, are not just window constructions. They perform many functions, and the quality of each component directly affects the quality of your residence. However, there are two other factors that contribute to this: the quality of assembly and installation. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who ensure the Energy-efficient windows configurations are built to the highest standards, and our fitters ensure the windows are installed and configured in the most efficient way possible.

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Benefits of choosing energy-efficient windows for your home

When describing the windows, we also touched on the benefits. Energy Efficient Windows undoubtedly have all the qualities of a high-performance product for comfortable living. By choosing ordinary upvc windows from a little-known seller, you sacrifice your own comfort. It is Energy Efficient Windows that aim to functionally maintain an optimal indoor environment, they work while you sleep, eat, read a book, or do other things. The benefits of Energy Efficient Windows are clear:

  • You don’t hear any noise from the street;
  • You enjoy the warmth in winter;
  • You enjoy the coolness in summer;
  • You feel safer;
  • You save money.

In addition, we offer trendy configurations and the best colour options!

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