Casement Windows Sydney

Prestige Plus casement windows are a very popular window choice and for good reasons. These windows represent great appeal, value, versatility and provide extensive ventilation.

What are Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that are attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside.

Casement windows are ideal for down the side of the house where two properties run parallel to each other so you can catch the breeze. They are also a popular choice for the front façade of houses due to its clean lines and the flyscreens being on the inside of the window.

Casement windows Sydney Sizing

Casement windows can be produced to suit a variety of sizes. They are often configured in sets, making them suitable to very wide openings. Our custom designed and made approach ensures that the size of the window sashes and the number of sashes in the casement window is potentially endless. A casement window can be made to suit a small study or large enough to span the entire length of a building.

Casement Windows Features

  • Excellent ventilation control
  • Chamfered sash profile creates a clean, flush-faced external appearance
  • Continuous PVC “twin-seal” system provides superior weatherproofing and cost-effective acoustic qualities
  • Tubular sash profiles and structurally glazed panels for maximum torsional strength
  • Stainless steel stays and secure lever operated handle
  • 7 year “peace of mind” guarantee

Why Choose Prestige Plus

    • Our windows seal tightly, offering excellent resistance against the weather in exposed locations.
    • Our window sashes can be made very large giving you the opportunity to maximise views and create a modern architectural style.
    • scissor winders, chain winders or casement latches, a range of options to meet your needs.
    • windows can incorporate flyscreens. Screens are fitted neatly into he frame to avoid any applied or unsightly screws or rivets.


Further Information

For further information relating to the standard size range, upgrade packages, possible configurations and other important considerations contact one of our friendly team members at Prestige Plus

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