Best Glass For Noise Reduction and Soundproofing

Surely it’s time to replace old windows that have lost all their functionality with new structures that are secure, made with modern technology and capable of creating the comfort and cosiness you deserve. Comfort is a collective term, because many factors contribute to it:

  • Sense of security
  • Peace and quiet
  • Warmth and freshness
  • A feeling of well-being and natural light.

And it is windows that play a significant role in providing such qualities for your stay indoors. One of the most important is peace and quiet and it is can only be achieved with well insulated uPVC windows

What is good noise protection?

The answer is self-explanatory. A window is only wonderfully soundproof if it is quiet in a room even if there is a lot of noise outside. It does not matter whether it is a busy factory, a construction site, windy weather, a neighbour’s party or cars horns. The important thing is that you do not get in the way, because double glazing noise reduction is a safeguard against noise and annoying sounds. Technical possibilities and automated production allow for an innovative approach to window production. Today, even more functional structures are available, with more advanced elements, such as noise cancelling glass.

The components for good soundproofing

We will examine the basic components and factors that influence the sound proofing performance:

  • Low-E coating
  • The chamber between the panes of glass
  • Glass thickness. Laminated glass
  • Seals
  • Factory-assembled quality
  • High-quality installation.

The technical features of the innovative coating fulfil two important functions: repelling noise and neutralising its residues by absorbing sound waves. The best window glass to reduce noise is one with Low-E. You can read more about Low-E in the corresponding section.

The space between the panes of glass is filled with gas or air. The vacuum created absorbs noise, preventing it from spreading into the room. It should be noted that there is a difference between the fillers. Gas, being a denser substance, copes with the task of noise absorption more effectively than air, so the noise insulation index of windows with a chamber between panes filled with gas will be higher than analogues with a chamber filled with air. It is possible to check what substance is filled in the space between panes by detecting the inlet valve inside, which indicates that it is filled with gas. 

The thickness of the glass plays a significant role when you purchase windows without an innovative coating and where the space between the panes is filled with air. In this case, it is the thickness of the glass that affects the window’s ability to repel noise. This task will be done better by Triple pane windows. Noise reduction will be achieved by triple glazing exactly. This option is not as popular as laminated glass. Noise reduction here is more effective and the specific weight of the construction itself is much lower.

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What is the effect of the airtightness on the soundproofing of the window?

Now let’s talk about the last items that provide effective soundproofing. The seals. The elements must be elastic, resilient and retain their properties throughout the entire operating period, however long it may be. They must not only be removable so that they can be replaced (a good quality gasket does not need to be replaced, but still it is an expendable element). Gaskets connected to the profile by soldering can form air bridges in the areas of refraction of the joint, i.e. in the areas of bending on the perimeter. This can also lead to the penetration of noise into the room. We only use removable seals in double glazing sound reduction windows. 

Assembly. This factor is very important because high-quality window construction is subjected to quality control at each stage of manufacture and, even more importantly, at each stage of assembly. Only with the help of good equipment it is possible not just to join all the elements, but to do it so that all the functions of the window work smoothly for the entire operating period. This, by the way, is covered by a long-term warranty. That is possible only in manufacture. So if you go to a company with its own production it is an additional guarantee of quality. 

If the installation is not carried out competently and in good faith, and it is preliminary work, and installation itself, and adjustment then all then all of the above comes to naught, because badly installed windows cannot perform the functions of protection and comfort environment in the room.

A worthy company not only offers quality products, but also full service. It is very important, because it is very difficult to make measurements, prepare the opening, install, adjust the window on your own, no matter how many tutorials you have read about it all. Based on our own experience, we strongly recommend ordering turnkey window production and installation. Thus you will save the budget, time and provide yourself with a full home comfort.

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