At Prestige Plus we specialise in products with increased thermal & soundproofing performance. When sourcing the right materials for maximum result, every part needs to be considered, even what’s in-between the panes of glass. This is where Argon Gas comes into the picture.

We’re pleased to advise Argon is gas is completely non-toxic and largely inert, making it a safe product for this purpose. In fact, we are already living simultaneously with Argon; did you know it’s the third-most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere?! Incandescent light bulbs are also filled with Argon gas.

Argon Gas is very well known in many other industries, such as welding, for its great insulation properties. Using this particular gas in-between the panes of glass, is actually one of the reasons we can achieve such a high thermal & noise-reduction performance. All studies on double & triple glazed products, show that although the glass & frames contribute a large factor to increased performance, the main contributing factor for maximum performance is the amount of the space between the glazing – because the higher amount of Argon Gas, equals higher performance of the product.

Another reason Argon gas works perfectly for double-glazed or triple-glazed windows and doors, is it also disburses oxygen and moisture, meaning no condensation between the panes and improves the overall longevity of the product. It’s a perfect fit!

With all of this in mind, we hope you further understand why Prestige Plus & thousands of other companies choose to rely on Argon Gas.

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