Will double glazing reduce noise from outside?

Many customers have experienced the benefits of noise reduction windows. We can increasingly find regions where noise is a predominant characteristic, which is why soundproof windows are the first necessity when it comes to home furnishings. A comfortable living environment can only be achieved by using technically suitable elements. With soundproof windows you can work, relax and spend time in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. 

Noise protection is not an empty phrase, but one of the most important technical features in soundproof windows. If you happen to find a good deal on a property near a noisy industrial area, for example, or near an airport, do not hesitate to take the offer, as noise reduction windows can solve the noise problem in such an area.

How is noise cancelled by sound proofing windows?

Numerous factors influence the quality of windows, especially when it comes to soundproof windows. We will touch on the main parameters:

  • The use of high-tech coatings in noise reduction windows. The innovative Low-E coating made by pyrolytic and magnetron methods improves not only the energy saving function of soundproof windows, but also increases the quality of soundproofing. 
  • The chamber between the panes in soundproof windows. Depending on the glazing (double or triple glazing), there can be one or two chambers respectively. They are either filled with gas or air, and this has an impact on the soundproofing. In case of gas filling this function is much more effective.  
  • Conscientious production. Without state-of-the-art equipment it is impossible to assemble soundproof windows in a proper way; innovative technologies make it possible to assemble materials and components in the ideal way and quality control at each stage ensures that soundproof windows functions perfectly, so that the end product comes out with a top notch quality product. With this approach, you can be confident that noise reduction windows will perform perfectly. 
  • Quality installation. Literally all functionality depends on the conscientious installation of soundproof windows.  If the opening is not prepared as required by the instructions, there is a chance that soundproof windows will have some gaps, through which not only air bridges, but also sound penetrates. 

In short, noise reduction windows is a combination of not only technical elements, but also the correct manufacturing and installation process.

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How exactly does double glazing neutralise noise?

In the previous paragraph, the items that affect the quality of noise reduction were listed. We can conclude that this function in noise reduction windows is fulfilled by bouncing sound waves off the surface of the window and also by absorbing noise thanks to the thickness of the glass and the filler in the chamber between the panes. In other words, these technical features of the noise reduction window prevent sound from entering the room. 

It is not possible to adjust the noise reduction by yourself with improvised elements such as assembly foam or wool, because the noise reduction properties depend on the technical characteristics of the glazing itself, but not on the profile or fittings. Although the quality of these elements in noise reduction windows should also be good, because a quality window is a coordinated work of all its elements. 

Noise reduction windows can provide the level of comfort you need to make your home a place of peace and relaxation in the first place.

How to choose the right noise reducing window?

To start with, an expert can help you. But first you need to find a reputable company with a decent range of modern soundproof windows. Design and configuration also play a significant role. Only a qualified manager will be able to help you choose the right noise reduction window for your application, and explain how the functionality works and how it is ensured that the window is soundproofed and thermally efficient. 

Do not be guided only by the cost during the choice, because choosing a cheap window, you not only do not get any noise reduction properties, but also risk to soon face other problems of functioning. A noise reduction window manufactured using modern technologies, equipped with excellent technical features and aesthetically attractive will also have a corresponding price. Whereas low cost is always a sign of poor quality. 

 Take advantage of a company that offers good service, a wide range of products and a guarantee on its services and products.

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