UPVC Doors

uPVC Doors are durable, climate resistant and low-maintenance. Furthermore, uPVC provides great value, which consequently probably makes uPVC Doors the best investment and solution for any new door. Upvc doors are distinguished by thermal and acoustic properties, type of door panel and hardware/ fittings as well as colour. Furthermore, doors can be equipped with modern security technology to keep intruders out.

uPVC Door Profiles

Our standard door profile is a multi-chamber system similar to a window system. However, door frames panel/ leaf differ substantially from a window sash. Door panel frames consist of a reinforcing chamber, which provides high stability due to corner welding and utilisation of enforced steel connectors. As a result, doors will endure long-term stress and highly repetitive use. Prestige Plus supplies uPVC doors of different profile thicknesses.

Prestige Plus also provides various design options covering most approaches from retro style to modern design. Door design is predominantly defined by the panel type, which is mounted into or onto the internal frame. Generally, any design can be achieved in framed-mounted or flush-mounted configuration. Colour, design and shape can be chosen from several hundred patterns and then combined individually. Glazing can also be defined individually, so that specially shaped lites with patterned glass can complete the design of your choice.

UPVC Door Colours

Prestige Plus uPVC door systems come in an extensive range of colours matching our uPVC window systems. Hence every door can be individualised, with a different surface, door frame and door panel. Panels can either be single coloured or subdivided in different coloured zones, for example to distinguish the colour of the door’s internal glazing frames to achieve an individual design.

Handles and Hardware

Door handles and hardware differ between manufacturers. Generally, we can distinguish between interior and exterior handles. Whilst interior handles are normally door knobs and handles, exterior handles can be so-called push handles or push bars. These are available in different versions. Straight, rounded, square – the push bar is an important design and functional element of your door. Interior handle are also available in various options.

UPVC Door Security

Every lock, profile cylinder, fittings/hardware and other parts contribute to the security of your building. Prestige Plus is therefore proud to offer advanced locking systems at great value.

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