Types of glazing for balconies and sunrooms

Types of glazing for balconies and sunrooms

When considering balconies, sunrooms or even an extension as an architectural addition to your home, it can be considered a less functional place for entertaining guests or relaxing, if the area is not enclosed as. This is mainly as the thermal insulation & soundproofing may not be as great in comparison to other rooms in the house or flat. However, in many cases balconies, sunrooms or additional entertaining areas can be turned into a place of comfort all year round and therefore must be given a higher priority.

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How to glaze a balcony to make it cosier

Balconies are more difficult to build than standard window openings because there is a large amount of glazing. Often balconies consist entirely of glazing. The type and specification of the glass is then very important. You should choose insulated, energy-efficient glass to make your balcony cosy at all times of year. Double glazing is the best choice on the market, because of the high thermal & noise insulation properties which are important in sunny & windy areas, or when neighbours are close by.

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Advantages of double glazing for balcony or sunrooms:

  • High degree of durability of the entire glazing area, which guarantees cosiness and safety
  • Optimum sound absorption even without additional technical features 
  • Optimum thermal insulation in the usual configuration
  • High aesthetic quality

The advantages of energy-efficient double glazing of the balcony or loggia:

  • Thermal insulation. Since a balcony or sunroom is not protected by anything else but glazing, thermal insulation plays a significant role. The ability to withstand the weather conditions is high in double glazing and has been proven in numerous tests during the production process.
  • Energy efficient Low-E coating. This coating transforms intense UV & heat, into simply a source of light. Low-E neutralizes UV, meaning you get all of the light without having to use external cooling devices, such as air conditioning, to keep the room cool. This allows you will have lower power bills, and a comfier room all year round.
  • Noise Insulation. Noise will be slightly reduced with standard double-glazing however you can choose an enhanced double-glazed option aimed at noise reduction to reduce sounds by several times higher. This is very important because when a balcony is a comfort zone, silence comes to the fore.

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Why one should make a balcony or loggia out of quality glazing?

If you make a conscientious renovation, this should apply to your balcony glazing as well, because you can turn a balcony into an extra room, an extra relaxation and recreation area. However, you can’t achieve these goals without high quality windows because double-glazing provides the right environment and level of safety from intruders, as well as from negative influences of the weather. This is more important than ever in harsh climatic conditions.

In addition, the choice of glazing is not limited to hinged structures. However, they are the most common option for balcony glazing because of their practicality. You can also look at bay, french, bi-fold and sliding windows. These are more stylized designs to suit any design you hope to achieve.

What is the most practical glazing to install on a balcony or loggia?

As mentioned, Tilt & Turn windows are those structures that protect against negative influences, providing full security, as well as reliable in terms of ventilation and access to natural light. Tilt & Turn windows are the highest performing design we offer & regardless of their performance, plus the benefits of their dual opening design, they are also the most economical design we offer.

What colour should balcony glazing be?

The colour scheme of the balcony glazing system should be harmonious, fitting in well with the general look of the facade. Over the years it has become obvious our clients favour the classic white colour. It is the most versatile & tends to be a win-win option in any case. However we do also offer a small range of other colours including Ash-black, Silver, Aluminum Grey, Anthratic Grey, plus two timber-look colours Golden Oak & Nut Tree. The most current and aesthetic colours are presented on our website in the relevant sections.

Can you Install uPVC double-glazed windows yourself?

Short answer is, YES. The simple step by step process of installing uPVC frames & glazing can be completed by any person who has an intermediate level of carpentry or similar skills. We can offer some information to assist you with this process, saving you extra costs & you still benefit from the 10-year warranty on products.
If a DIY installation all seems a bit too hard for your skill level, you’ll be very pleased to understand we offer delivery & installation by our team of professionals.

Our installation teams are highly trained to combat any foreseen issue which can occur among any kind of building works. Relying on our team also means you’re completely covered by our 6 year workmanship warranty, along with the 10 year warranty on products.

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