Window in the bathroom: features of placement and operation

Depending on the design objectives in terms of furnishing style, bathroom windows come in different sizes, configurations and types of privacy. Bathroom or shower windows often have a decorative function, because their purpose is to complement the interior. However, practical issues such as ventilation and natural daylight should also be taken into consideration.

Which windows and in which position in the bathroom should be installed?

The option of plain, transparent glazing is often ruled out, because it does not offer privacy. Frosted glass bathroom windows, on the other hand, are the most suitable because they do not allow other people to see in. In addition, frosted glass windows look very aesthetic and harmonize with almost any bathroom interior: they emphasize style, complement the decor and serve as a source of natural light, which also accentuates the beauty of the sanitary and decorative elements. The size of the window can be anything from a very small window to a floor-to-ceiling French window. Even several small bathroom windows are practised which can be transparent. A window is therefore often a design element, so great care must be taken when selecting the right shower window.

In most design projects, the rectangular window is regarded as the optimal solution, with standard, medium sized dimensions. The space available depends on the layout of the bathroom and the preferences of the flat or house owners. Manufacturing technology allows the manufacture of remote controlled windows, and the presence of such automation makes it possible to install long, low windows up to the ceiling if desired. If necessary, it is possible to cut the windows into the roof of the dormer. Due to the development of construction technologies, virtually all restrictions on the shape, size and location of installation of such structures have now been removed. It is possible to install French and mullioned windows, as well as products of round, oval, arched, diamond-shaped, trapezoidal and triangular shapes.

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What technical features should a bathroom window have?

The bathroom or shower room must be well ventilated. Otherwise condensation and mould will eventually become an intrusive problem. Much of the optimum ventilation depends on the window and the owner himself, how thoroughly he takes care of ventilation. Last but not least the quality of the profile, the glazing, the seals and the assembly itself is very important. The last must always be factory-assembled. The bathroom should be with a comfortable environment; it should be warm and smell good. This is why an energy efficient window is appropriate in this case because it keeps the room at an optimal temperature at all times of the year. With an energy efficient window, there is good air exchange and the room always stays fresh in spite of the steaminess from hot water. 

Technical characteristics in turn depend on the quality of the assembly of the elements into a single construction, as well as the quality of individual elements, such as seals and fittings. The seals have to be of high quality, not only to be extremely elastic and resilient, but also to retain these qualities throughout their entire service life.

Why is proper professional installation important?

Window installation is a complex step-by-step process in which both knowledge and professional experience are important. In the bathroom, some installation rules need to be followed. This primarily concerns the use of moisture-proof soffits and special soffit systems. Why are they needed? Traditionally, bathrooms are tiled, which is not a good solution because of the high humidity and temperature differences when ventilating during the colder seasons, for example, can cause tiles to peel off. However, the use of jutting systems solves this problem. The fixing reliability of these structures does not suffer from unfavourable operating conditions, which is why they are recommended for installation in sanitary rooms. For window sills, preference should be given to plastic models that do not use particle board.

How to properly care for windows in the bathroom?

Bathroom cannot be called a room with a favourable climate, because the climate must be monitored and optimal conditions must be ensured. Accordingly it is necessary to look after the window more frequently than in other rooms. Lubrication of the fittings and sealing circuits of the waterproof window in shower should be done with a special glycerine-based compound at least three times a year, but the sash opening mechanism should be lubricated once every six months.

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