Window Design Trends in 2021 for Your Home

Window Design Trends in 2021 for Your Home

In this article you will find out how diverse the latest window trends can be, which design styles can be applied to one or the other furnishing, the advantages of Prestige Plus uPVC windows, savings and other issues that concern everyone who has decided to install new windows and wants to make sure the order is executed to the highest standard.

Since the Middle Ages we have fine window trends, which at that time were given special attention, as windows were the ‘eyes’ of any building, the unique custom elements of the facade. Romanesque, colonial, gothic… Our company is more than happy to offer solutions for unique custom projects as it is our profile which is among our advantages.

Let’s see what configurations of window trends are the most topical today (you can find more detailed descriptions of each trend in the respective sections).

The latest trends in window design

You are offered the following shapes of custom windows:

  • Custom sliding windows. In turn, they are divided into two types: parallel-sliding and turn-sliding. The opening system makes it possible to save space around the window, which can be well decorated and together with the sliding windows will make a noteworthy ensemble.
  • Custom swing windows. The most familiar type of opening. Equipped with several modes, by means of which it is easier to control ventilation of the room.
  • Custom French windows. Popular because of their size. Large glazing area allows not only to aesthetically accentuate the beauty of the furnishings, but also to do some tricks with the space.
  • Custom double-hung windows. Unique window designs look good in classic rustic styles, and also blend well with more modern furnishings in flats and private homes.

We focus on the most popular contemporary styles of custom windows. You can see more on our website in our gallery.

How energy-efficient windows can save you money

Energy efficiency comes in the form of comfort and savings. An appropriate atmosphere can provide this comfort: fresh in summer and warm in winter.

Windows make heat savings, i.e. they distribute energy efficiently and do not require constant assistance from heating elements. The heat that radiates from them is insulated through a protective coating and a quality sealing, and circulates inside the room. This fast and efficient distribution of heat saves heating energy, the frequency of use of the radiators is reduced, and consequently the payment for this resource is also reduced. You save your budget.

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How Prestige Plus can customise your home windows

Our team is made up of professional window developers, not only on the technical side but also on the design side. The various window trends are not limited to standards; we also work with more customised projects, including a variety of profiles for non-standard window openings. Exceptional architecture can be found in buildings that have retained their authenticity. And if you need to install windows in such premise, we offer you:

Round windows. Also have their own window trends, which consist of different ways of glazing and opening.

Arched windows. Here are a variety of latest window trends too: semi-circular arched windows in the form of half a circle, the centre of which is at the top level of opening sashes (rectangular part of the windows); horseshoe-shaped is also called Moorish and have a great resemblance to the product name; lancet where the top of the arch is a cone formed by arcs of two intersecting circles. Arched windows fit well into oriental, country and gothic styles.

Elliptical is the curvature of the upper part of the window is half ellipse. Elliptical designs harmonize with the classic English style.

Oval windows. This window trend is found in different futuristic and other modern styles.

Triangular. Buildings with pointed roofs such windows will fit in very harmoniously. Despite the variety of parameters, they have one limitation: all their corners must have a slope of more than 30 degrees.

Trapezoidal windows. They have the same limitation as the triangular windows.

Our company offers the most popular and current configurations and styles of customized windows in trendy colours.

Trending colours

We offer the most interesting and diverse colour range of the original Deceuninck profile. These are the shades that are able to emphasise and complement the interior ensemble and the appearance of the façade of the building. They are also deep and rich enough to emphasise the beautiful lines of the profile. These are noble colours that demonstrate your impeccable taste. Our managers will give you expert advice on choosing your individual Prestige Plus window shade.

Glazing options

High performance Viridianglass with energy saving and noise emission features is used. Special coatings neutralise the sun’s rays, transforming UV and IR radiation into useful natural light. Part of the noise is deflected away from the glass thanks to the magnetron coating, and the gas inside the chamber absorbs the rest of the annoying noises. This combined action ensures that the maximum amount of noise is absorbed. Warmth in winter is ensured through the windows’ ability to insulate, minimising losses, and through retaining and efficiently disseminating the heat radiated by the heating system, by bouncing it off the window surface into the room.  Viridianglass is a glass with unrivalled strength.

Window styles by opening type

Our range is made up of different window configurations according to the type of opening. Amongst the trending types we offer the following:

  • Tilt and turn windows;
  • Awning windows;
  • Casement windows;
  • Sliding windows;
  • Tilt and sliding windows;
  • Double/single hung windows;
  • Baw\bay windows.

You can choose the most comfortable operating solution for your living environment.

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