Why do you need to buy sliding windows

Sliding windows are one of the most popular window constructions for houses, flats and country houses. There are several reasons for this

Why do you need to buy sliding windows

Sliding windows are one of the most popular window constructions for houses, flats and country houses. There are several reasons for this:

  • The sliding opening mechanism is very easy to use.
  • This configuration allows for an efficient use of sliding window sill and window area, which can also look very attractive with a suitable décor.
  • Sliding windows are the easiest to maintain, keeping them clean at all times.
  • These constructions, with a choice of appropriate options, are robust, airtight and energy efficient, with excellent noise insulation.

We have listed the main factors that always play a crucial role when choosing windows, which in turn are a source of cosiness and a fundamental element of the furnishings and its final motif.

Sliding windows are manufactured on professional equipment and quality components and mechanisms are chosen for their assembly, which ensures smooth operation and maintains the technical characteristics of the sliding windows for a long period of use.

Sliding windows have the following structure:

  • The window profile (top, bottom and side reinforced frames) of the optimum installation width;
  • Rollers in durable alloy with anti-corrosion coating;
  • Brush and rubber seal;
  • Moulding;
  • Glazing sash;
  • Sash.

A specific design is provided for, depending on the way the sashes are extended. When installing, it must be foreseen which sashes will be blank. The choice of construction glazing depends on the operating conditions. You can find out more about the types of glazing in sliding windows in the corresponding section or by consulting our company manager.

Advantages of sliding windows in your home

One of the advantages of sliding windows is the opening mechanism, as it allows for a more efficient use of space. This is particularly important in small flats. Quality ventilation is an advantage for houses and premises of large dimensions, due to the way in which the sashes are opened in the sliding windows. The benefit of controlled ventilation is that you can adjust the degree of penetration of the air flow yourself.

Every room, whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen, is more cosy, lighter and fresher with a sliding window. In summer, you save on air conditioning, the use of which is dramatically reduced thanks to the ability of sliding windows to distribute air flows efficiently and to keep you cool and fresh thanks to proper sealing. In winter, accordingly, sliding windows return the heat coming from the radiators into the room, which is retained, thus eliminating the need for constant use of heaters.

It is also important to note the style of the sliding windows. The concise design, precision workmanship, quality components and excellent workmanship are an aesthetic component of the window constructions, the attractiveness of which is almost of paramount importance.

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Which rooms in your home are best suited for sliding windows

Sliding windows will fit perfectly in any room of your home or flat and this is easy to confirm. For example, in the kitchen, sliding windows will be appropriate because every part of the kitchen space is functional and hinged window sashes may prevent rational use of one or the other perimeter. Sliding windows in turn save space around the window, which can be made useful later (used for décor, appliances or cutlery).

In the bedroom, sliding windows will be an indispensable source of air, which is essential for a long and restful sleep. In addition, the space next to the window can be effectively occupied by various elements of furnishings.

In the living room, a sliding window will also be a source of comfort, and if cleverly decorated, it will also be an aesthetic accent in the room.

In the children’s room, sliding windows will not prevent an older child from taking up space for toys, settings and applications.

Thus, sliding windows fit into any room successfully and efficiently.

Why are sliding windows the best solution?

The mentioned above points to the fact that sliding windows are a versatile option if you decide to undertake the installation or replacement of windows in your home. They have undeniable advantages, are as efficient and easy to operate as their counterparts, and are easy to maintain and clean. If you choose the right glazing and colour, sliding windows will be a source of beauty and comfort.

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