Which is the best type of double glazing?

This article provides a detailed overview of double glazing so that you can choose the best type of double glazed windows and doors for your home, office or flat. Which profile material and type of glazing is most suitable you will decide by reading the article to the end.

Today there are a huge number of configurations of windows and doors, and without a certain understanding of the structural features it is difficult to make the right choice. That is why we offer professional support and comprehensive advice.

The design of the double glazed windows which is from simple hinged, to folding and French is thoughtful and functional. All windows differ from each other in terms of appearance as well as performance and technical characteristics. In addition, the double glazing is endowed with appropriate aesthetic qualities. A room for any purpose with such a necessary addition as double glazed windows will look expensive, respectable, stylish and inside comfort will reign in any season and in any weather.

It is difficult to say which type of glazing is endowed with the best qualities, as they are all perfect in terms of functionality. However, there are certain conditions, such as harsh climate or noisy terrain, which should be taken into account when ordering a particular configuration.

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What type of double glazed windows are right for my home?

Each house or flat, in general, the room of this or that purpose have their own architectural features, designed in a particular style; have any requirements to the design its functionality exactly. Different types of double glazed windows are chosen based on these factors. They also depend on what technical requirements you are willing to meet: whether you need increased security or noise protection, or maybe you want less or more light in the room. If the flat is in a very noisy location, close to industry for example, you should consider using double glazed units with a magnetron coating which increases the noise insulation and units in which the cells are filled with inert gas instead of air, because it is the best type of gas to have in double glazed windows.

Double glazed window types

The basic and most recent range of double glazed windows is shown in our gallery, but the constructions can also be more diverse as required by the customer. Consider the double-glazed casement windows, sliding designs if you want to save space around the window, or if you want something unusual, consider folding structures or colonial-type windows. French windows are also popular today.

Tilt and turn windows

Our developers have shown a virtuosity in the production of windows and made them as consistent as possible with technical requirements and design trends. They are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and equipped with a functional mechanism: the tilt-and-turn double-glazed windows can be opened in a parallel movement and tilt and turn operations. If you have a small flat, it is the best solution because no additional space is required to open the window.

Double glazed casement windows

It is a double glazed window that is attached firmly to the side with several hinges. This type of mounting ensures reliability and durability of operation, because the opening and closing mechanism of this type of mounting can withstand any load. Such double glazing provides excellent ventilation, as the window swings open fully and the room can be filled with oxygen all day long. The windows are equipped with a reliable airtightness, preventing the penetration of moisture, draught. In general, any configuration of double glazing is energy efficient, so you will save your heating budget in the cold season. This is a big advantage.

There are also Flush casement windows. The window closes flush with the outer frame, so it sits flush with the outside of the window.

Double glazed sash windows

The sash opening mechanism works by lowering and raising the frame upwards or downwards, opening and closing them respectively:

  • in single-hung windows, one panel is movable and the other remains fixed in one place. The bottom pane is usually moved;
  • in double-hung windows, both sashes are movable: one moves downwards, the other upwards.


Besides the double glazing window lock types, these windows can also be tilt-and-turn. According to the customer’s wish, double-glazed windows can be produced in the material, finishes and colours you prefer.

Classic casement windows have become energy-efficient thanks to modern technologies, yet their appearance remains authentic and allows you to design your exterior in the style of ancient traditions.

Bay windows

These are unusual double glazing windows types in their construction and appearance respectively. Bay windows are not built into the plane of the main wall, but into the projecting elements of the facade. They have the appearance of a separate window section projecting from the wall. The advantage of such double glazed window is also in the fact that it has a deep window sill which gives extra space for decorations and functional elements of furniture. This is an additional space which increases the size of the room, making it more spacious. The construction usually consists of three or more double glazed windows and is a powerful source of natural sunlight. Double glazing with a protective coating prevents infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Such glazing will also be appropriate in flats which provide a beautiful panoramic view.

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are firmly secured to the frame with one or more hinges and belong to one of the most convenient in use type of double glazed windows. This connection implies a side opening mechanism. Another functional option is to open from above or below. The double glazed window also has several tilt modes. It can be fully or slightly tilted. The different opening mechanisms make tilt-and-turn double-glazed windows not only user-friendly but also attractive. The windows are easy to maintain. You are advised to pay attention to the hardware as this is the most important element of the window construction. Such windows are often made of plastic as the most reliable and durable material, but you can also discuss the wood or aluminium versions. Colours are also available in a wide range of shades from the RAL palette or in a choice of wood finishes.

uPVC double glazed windows

As far as the profile material is concerned, and it is made of virgin plastic, as it is the most energy-efficient material. This means that heating costs will now be many times lower and more heat will be retained thanks to the construction of the double glazed window. It is plastic that allows for better air tightness thanks to the seals, and the filling of the inter glass chambers with inert gases, which is also excellent soundproofing. The PVC double glazing has more configurations, can be coated in any colour and laminated in shades of precious wood. 

Wooden/timber windows

Wooden windows have a natural look, bring us closer to nature and create an appropriate atmosphere. They are perfect for classic, rustic interiors such as Provence, and in modern styles they will also fit perfectly, making the room unique and sophisticated. Wooden windows are as good as double-glazed plastic windows. They can be made in different configurations and the profiles are coated to ensure that they will last for a long time. However, extra care is required, which is more meticulous than in the case of plastic windows.  But in this way, they will last many times longer.

Aluminium double glazed windows

The characteristic feature of aluminium profiles is their lightness. The material is thinner, has good strength characteristics and has good aesthetics. Colour schemes are not limited to the natural colour of the material, i.e. grey or metallic. Today there are coating technologies that can provide a different colour from the palette and it will be long-lasting.

The cost of double glazing units depends on the configuration, the type of glazing, the colour scheme, and additional options, which you can find out about by consulting our expert. Don’t fall for various marketing tricks. Trust the professionals and read more about the benefits of double glazing.

What type of double glazed doors should I choose?

Double glazed doors are very popular nowadays because they provide a good source of light and freshness. Also thanks to the production possibilities, doors can be designed in various functional styles. They can be sliding doors, accordion doors, French doors, also there is available various types of double glazing, which can be individually adapted to the interior style. Double glazed doors are the ultimate accent in interior design. They do not only provide reliable protection, but also fulfil other equally important functions, such as energy saving, flooding with light and freshness and soundproofing.

Double glazed door types

Double glazed patio sliding doors are a real showcase of performance. They are an example of ergonomics, since thanks to the space-saving sliding design, and space here can be used efficiently or left free for the visual expanse of the room. Installation is more complicated, as an additional recess for the sliding door leaf is required. The door slides smoothly to the inside. It is convenient and practical. They are also highly suitable for use as internal doors.

Double glazed French doors

French doors have been known for their elegance for centuries. In modern interiors, they are actively used, as they are an example of classic doorway design, which gives a certain aesthetics to the whole interior. They are a great source of fresh air, illuminating a room 24 hours a day. They can be made in different configurations: hinged, folding, sliding double glazed doors. The glazing in this type of door occupies almost the entire surface of the construction, which looks great. The profile material is also chosen according to the customer’s wishes. The doors can be fitted with additional safety catching devices like “Stays” hooks.

Bi-fold doors

Practical, user-friendly and long-lasting double glazed bi-fold doors. The characteristics of double glazed doors ensure soundproofing, total air-tightness, anti-intrusion protection and energy efficiency. They are equipped with locking devices for controlled unlocking and closing to avoid loud banging of the leaves. The construction can consist of one or two sashes, or more elements, and can be made of different materials.

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Should I buy triple-glazed windows?

Triple-glazed windows consist of four panes of glass with three chambers between them, filled with inert gases or air. Such constructions are more expensive because all characteristics are higher. For example, the noise insulation is more impermeable and the heat loss is minimal. Double glazing is endowed with the same qualities to a slightly lesser extent. Triple glazing is used when severe environmental conditions really require it. So if you have high demands on the glazing unit then triple glazing may be a good option. Nevertheless, double glazed windows have excellent user qualities. The glass itself has a Low-E coating, which has a specified low coefficient of radiant absorption. This means that when exposed to strong sunlight, the surface does not allow harmful fumes to escape and prevents infra-red and ultraviolet light from penetrating, allowing only useful heat to pass through and retaining it. Low-emissivity is the relative power of a surface to emit heat by radiation. Triple glazing is neither a better nor a worse design than double glazing. It is good in places where the climate is bad or very changeable, or in the vicinity of excessively busy highways or industrial facilities. In other cases, it is double glazing that will be more relevant. 

What type of glass is used in double glazing?

Different types of glass are used in glazing and they are produced using different technologies. This is done in order to provide different functional characteristics for each type of double glazed windows. Australia is such country, where this is always up to date.

A short description has been given of Low-E glazing, which has excellent qualities and is the most promising type of coating. This in turn is divided into two types of coatings:

Passive Low-E (Hard-Coat) coatings, obtained through a pyrolytic process, which provides increased protection and noise insulation and resistance to negative influences; Solar Control Low-E (Soft-Coat) coatings are created by magnetron sputtering with tiny metal particles, which also improves the quality of the window. 

Types of double glazing glass can also be impact-resistant. They are in turn differentiated:

  • Tempered glass. The initial type is simple sheet glass which is heated to a tempering temperature of 650-680 °C and then rapidly and evenly cooled with a stream of cold air from both sides. This treatment leads to the formation of residual compressive stresses on the surface that make the glass resistant to various degrees of impact and heat-resistant.
  • Laminated double glazing glass, with a vinyl impact-resistant film applied to one surface;
  • Reinforced glass is equipped with a steel mesh in the inner part;


Sunscreened glass is tinted in various ways, i.e. it has a darkened surface which prevents excessive light penetration. Soundproof glass uses thick magnetron coated glass, which has already been mentioned, as well as chambers filled with an inert gas that keeps out annoying noises. There is also multifunctional glazing, which combines most of the above features.  Double glazing is inherently energy-efficient – transparent to light and impervious to heat and cold.

Is laminated glass better than double glazing?

Laminated glass can be used in both single-glazed and double-glazed windows. So the question whether laminated glass is better than double glazing is not really relevant, because double glazing can be laminated, depending on the application and the customer’s wishes. Another question is whether it is worth ordering an additional coating. It provides additional security against break-ins by making it impossible for glass cutters to penetrate the building. Double glazing also has noise insulation properties. But double glazing also combines all these quality characteristics. However, single pane laminated glass is cheaper than double glazing. But the latter is advantageous in terms of energy efficiency. Let’s just say that if you are on a tight budget, laminated glass is a good option, but if you want higher, e.g. heat-saving performance, you should consider double glazing.

Do double glazed windows make a difference?

Double glazing can differ in terms of the type of profile used, its material, configuration, i.e. the type or style of the glazing unit itself, and the use of one or another type of glass. What functions does double glazing have to fulfil according to your requirements? Noise protection, security, savings on heating costs, full light penetration? What design challenges are you facing? Do you want a French floor window for a classic interior, a sliding window or a folding window for a more contemporary style? As you understand, there are big differences among double glazed windows. It’s far from a single-type window. And your choice depends on the competence of the specialist who will make a good offer and on your own requirements and wishes.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is the installation of second glazing in its own frame, completely independent of the primary glazing. It is an internal window, i.e. installed on the room side. A sealed unit attached to the existing glazing provides improved noise insulation as well as increased energy efficiency. Secondary glazing configurations are varied: with horizontal and vertical louvres, with lifting and fixed panels, double-sided suspended, and can also be installed on the rear side of doors.

Where should I buy double glazing?

Having answered the basic questions, it is logical to ask where to buy double glazed windows. Who to trust in such a sensitive matter. You should purchase the double glazed windows from a manufacturer or supplier of quality windows from a reliable manufacturer. There are a lot of fake brands on the market today that can be seen by the quality of the window. Whoever sells you the windows must be an expert and must take your order and carry it out on a turnkey basis. A reliable company always provides a comprehensive service, not just the sale of products. In addition, for its entire range of products, as well as for services such as installation and window fitting, it gives a long term warranty and provides customer service. It is the kind of company that can be called worth your attention and the time and expense you are planning to incur in purchasing double glazed windows.

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