What is Double-Hung Windows

What is Double-Hung Windows and where does it fit best in your home?

Double-hung windows are a real boon for homeowners, because double-hung windows combine great aesthetic qualities with optimum functionality. The peculiarity of the construction is that the top and bottom sashes of double-hung windows have friction-type sliding mechanisms which allow them to slide up or down as well as to tilt. This range of actions allows a controlled flow of air, and also implies ease of maintenance. The frames of double-hung windows come in several types, as well as glazing. Each structure is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to Australian technical standards and offers a high degree of weather resistance, excellent energy saving features and soundproofing performance.

This type of construction is ideal for any type of environment, whether the room is sunny or belongs to a shady side of the house, double-hung windows will always provide fresh air, natural light and, if necessary, protection from excessive sunlight with its special coating.  If your house is surrounded by a lovely patio or terrace, double-hung windows create a wonderful ensemble with the surrounding furnishing, perfectly in harmony with the overall look of the facade.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Double-Hung Windows

Among the advantages of double-hung windows are:

  • Excellent ventilation of double-hung windows. The control mechanism in double-hung windows allows adjusting individual ventilation frequency.
  • Ease of double-hung maintenance. Due to the opening system, the Double-Hung windows are easy to clean from inside and outside.
  • Versatile design. Double-hung windows have long been popular with colonial style buildings, but they also fit in perfectly with the exterior of any architectural design.
  • Secure protection. When closed, double-hung windows represent a security system, as the hardware is equipped with several locking elements and reliable locks.
  • Energy efficiency of double-hung windows. By choosing Low-E glass with a gas filling in chambers between glasses in double-hung windows, you will ensure a pleasant atmosphere indoors at any season of the year and save the budget for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

There are no disadvantages as such with double-hung windows. But at the same time it is important to note the following installation feature of double-hung windows: if this type of window frame is installed in a thick wall, expansion jambs will be needed. This must be taken into account when measuring for subsequent installation of double-hung windows, as double-hung windows are designed for the thickness of a standard wall.

Why Double-Hung Windows Prestige Plus is the best option for your home

Our company uses modern technologies to produce high quality windows including double-hung windows. The skill of experienced professionals allows combining first-class raw materials, high-quality fittings and glazing with unique performance characteristics into flawless window constructions.

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