What is a Window Sash and Why is it Important?

The importance of a window, or more precisely, the appropriateness of purchasing window constructions is manifested in their protection and comfort. Any window configuration, such as a sash window, performs a number of functions aimed at creating a comfortable atmosphere:

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Sound insulation;
  • Freshness and sufficient light in the room;
  • Aesthetics.

But as with all things domestic, there are some of them that are uncomfortable to use. They are beautiful on the face of it, they are functional, but when it comes to maintenance or operation, it is clear that these factors are among the most important. If a window is uncomfortable to use, it either becomes useless or breaks down and then becomes useless. 

Sash window has its advantages, although there are disadvantages too. They aren’t many, but they are very significant. That is why we have touched on the subject of usability.

What is a sash window?

Let’s start with the definition of what is a sash. A sash window or movable sash window has an unusual construction consisting of one or more movable panels or sashes. Some of the sashes are like windows with glazing, while others have the appearance of a single sheet of glass. Sash window has a long history, so it is appropriate to say that historically such a window was used mainly in Victorian or Gregorian style. 

To make the window somehow easier to use, the weight of the glazed sash is balanced by a counterweight which is carefully hidden inside the window frame so as not to disturb the aesthetics and neatness of the execution. The weight of the sash is tied to the window, most often by a chain, less often by a woven cotton cord. These elements pass through a pulley at the top of the frame. If this cord or chain breaks, which is not uncommon, the main parts of the window construction must be dismantled. Sometimes springs are used in production, and such components, being consumables for their intended purpose, also have a tendency to break. Therefore, the question of the durability of the Sash window remains open. 

Sash window is more complicated in its execution than the models we are used to meet. And its maintenance is not easy either. And this is also a disadvantage, because relatively complicated maintenance requires more time.

The advantages are the good ventilation of the sash window. But as a rule, if you get used to using one way of opening the sashes, for example by raising the bottom one upwards, the other will remain unused. The main part of the price is set for the complete configuration: for the materials used, for the possibility to open the window in different positions, for the functionality. Note that you also pay for the fact that the sash is a window that functions in several modes, one of which remains unused.

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How do you determine when you should replace a sash window?

As mentioned above, the cord in a sash window can break (see above) and this will lead to repairing the window structure or replacing it. This is an element that is difficult to replace, unlike the same sealing rubbers. It is the same with springs, which have the same function as the cord. Therefore when it comes to replacing a window, we recommend designs that are easier to use and easy to maintain. We recommend windows with elements that are easy to replace in case of need. 

The sliding construction of the window is easier to use, easier to install and easier to set up. Unlike the sash, the sliding window makes use of all elements of the construction, and you do not get the feeling that you have overpaid somewhere. It is a comfortable, ergonomic option, which is also aesthetically pleasing and has all the necessary functionality. 

The sliding window suits most interior styles, saves space that can be used for decoration, which makes your interior even more interesting and cosy. This configuration has no hidden mechanisms, separate from the hardware, which can fail through misuse. It fully meets all technical requirements and complies with modern trends in design. Sliding windows are equally comfortable with both top and bottom sliding systems. The windows have the necessary elements that give them stability. They are strong enough to be an object of burglary. So there is no need to worry about security. 

Nevertheless, like any thing, a sliding window needs periodic maintenance. Another thing to note is that this maintenance is much easier than for a sash window.

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