What is a Casement Window?

What is a Casement Window?

One of the most reliable designs among window products is the double pane casement window, because its versatile functionality is suitable for almost any room. It can be added to both large and small spaces with the same neatness. The number of sashes plays a key role here. This explains the relevance of casement windows: one sash is suitable for a small room, two or more for larger rooms. Choosing the most suitable construction is easier than ever.

Which part of your house would a casement window fit best in?

The answer is simple. It is any part of house, flat or office, where the casement windows will be perfectly fit in. A double glazed casement window design is unique in that it can be multi-part or single-part. For example, in the kitchen you can choose to do either a large single sash or a double sash casement window depending on your design, for the bedroom a casement window with two sashes usually fits well and for the living room, which always has more space, a window with three sashes will be ideal. This distribution is advantageous from a practical and aesthetic point of view. However, the choice may be based on other factors such as design features and the position of the room in relation to the sides of the light. In a less lit room it is good to install uPVC casement window with more sashes, and if the design contains enough decorative elements to be accentuated by natural light, installation of a window with at least two sashes is appropriate.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Casement Window

New casement windows are designed to bring maximum comfort to the room. This is possible thanks to the following features:

  • The possibility of constant ventilation. You can tilt sash and during the day freshness will penetrate into the room, or you can quickly air the room by opening the sash of the casement window completely.
  • Robust security features. The construction of the casement window is strong enough to maximize protection against burglary, while the technical characteristics imply protection from outside noise, protection from harmful solar radiation, and a sufficiently high energy efficiency.
  • The aesthetic qualities of the casement window also remain at a high level: the construction will fit perfectly into any design style, both classic and modern furnishings.
  • Casement windows do not require any special maintenance, simply keep the casement windows clean a few times a year using a sponge and window cleaner. Pay attention to the hardware of the casement window and periodically lubricate its elements for the further trouble-free operation. The casement window will last a long time without losing its quality.

There can only be one disadvantage, and that is if you have not thought through the details of the furnishings. The casement window opening inwards makes it difficult to use the space around the window for practical purposes.

Why Casement Window by Prestige Plus is the best option for your home

Prestige Plus has many years of experience in manufacturing and installing window structures based on Australian and global standards. It is the assembly on professional equipment, first-class raw materials and quality components (fittings, seals, etc.) that underpin the longevity and reliability of windows. We develop windows with maximum efficiency in mind, so each construction, including casement windows, is endowed with excellent noise insulation, impact resistance, energy efficiency and excellent aesthetic qualities.

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