UPVC window: guarding home security

Windows are a multifunctional furnishing element and the most important component in terms of protection. We strive to install the highest quality construction for reliable window protection in the window opening so that one can sleep peacefully at night, enjoy the silence and perfect ambience and leave the house unattended without any fear. That is why window security is important and in this overview we will examine which components influence the protective properties of windows.

Security properties of glazing

Today, thanks to innovative technologies, it is possible to increase the strength properties of almost any material. Even glass, seemingly fragile and malleable to mechanical impacts, can become a real armour and serve as a full-fledged protection for the room. As it is glass that makes up 80% of all window construction, close attention is paid to it in the production process. It is worth noting that the level of Upvc window security also depends on the quality of other components: profiles, fittings, etc. The impact resistance is thoroughly tested in order to produce material, which is resistant to almost any impact.

What is shatterproof windows?

So, what kind of glass can be called shockproof? The element itself is endowed with minimal strength, which can only serve as protection against wind or rain. However, during treatment, e.g. hardening (heating to the hardening temperature followed by quick even cooling) or applying a reinforcing coating, the glass becomes mechanically resistant and is capable of withstanding increased impact or load. 

We use the following types of impact resistant glass:

  • Tempered. As mentioned above, the hardening process consists of extreme heat and rapid but even cooling in order to build up residual mechanical compressive stresses. In other words an internal force is created which binds the tiny particles that make up the security glass. This makes it resistant to mechanical stress, heat-resistant and break-proof.  
  • Laminated or multilayer (triplex) glass. It is a multi-component glass, consisting of two or more organic or silicate glasses and a bonding polymer film, in other cases a photocuring composition is used, which makes the glazing even more resistant. Even if the glass is hit too hard and the subsequent deformation or breakage occurs, the splinters are retained, preventing the window from completely flying off the profile. In this way, conventional panes of glass are transformed into burglar proof windows.
  • Glass with reinforcing vinyl film. Such coating has a polymer composition and a reinforcing base that contains tiny metal particles to multiply the strength characteristics.

Thus, shatterproof windows are those windows that consist of one of the above mentioned glazing. But, as has been noted, other factors and components influence the protection against burglary and mechanical damage unrelated to tampering. 

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Protective properties of the profile and fittings

It is necessary to follow all the prescriptions in the manufacturing process in order for the window to fulfil its function fully and smoothly. Regarding the profile, it is a question of an installation width and sufficient reinforcement, i.e. reinforcement of the supporting part of the construction. The optimum installation width affects the correct fit in the window opening and the ability to support the considerable weight of the glazing; the last also applies to the profile reinforcement. There are clearly defined international and national standards for technical specifications, defined by numerous tests, including durability tests, which we also follow in the production process. Therefore there is no doubt about the quality. 

In order to ensure that the window cannot be broken into, it is equipped with high-quality fittings. This dozens of locks and mechanisms of particular strength, which not only can not be affected by harmful mechanical effects, but also to withstand a huge number of openings and closings, without losing over time in the operational properties. 

However, it should be noted that all components will not work properly and serve as a reliable protection without competent and proper assembly, which can be done only in the process of production on professional equipment under the supervision of experienced professionals. Handmade production is fraught with lousy quality and the same functionality. Choose a company with its own production, then you will not get into trouble. 

And finally, note the importance of professional installation. Correct installation and adjustment of the windows is the key to durable and smooth operation. Secure home, window security is your peace of mind!

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