Top signs that it's time to replace your home windows

There are many causes and signs that could point out a malfunction of the window. There are the obvious ones, such as operational failures, but there are also hidden ones which lead to discomfort in the use of window functionality, and also to a disturbance of the harmonious atmosphere in the room as a consequence. Comfort, as we know, is the only goal the homeowners and interior designers want to achieve. This goal is pursued by our company Prestige Plus, that’s why we manufacture windows of the highest standard. Therefore, if you are tired of noise coming in from the street, if the heat-saving functions of the windows are far from what was declared on purchase, if you find it difficult to control the opening modes, you need a replacement of your old windows with new ones.

The advantages of Prestige Plus are in full responsibility in terms of legal (contractual) and quality performance. The high level of performance is demonstrated by excellent technical characteristics, ease of use and durability. In the shortest time you can restore comfort to your home, while giving it a fresh and new look. The different styles and colours of uPVC windows available make this easy.

The main signs that it is time to replace the windows

We have already touched on the subject of noise insulation and thermal insulation functions which may lead to window replacement. Let’s go deeper into why this sometimes happens. Firstly, if you bought the windows from a dodgy company at a bargain price, you have bought non-factory-assembled windows which often lead to malfunction and rapid deterioration of the window structure, and of course to a replacement window. Secondly, the windows may not be from the manufacturer, hence the technical characteristics are far from the standards, compliance with which is an extremely important factor. Thirdly, you might have purchased windows which do not meet all of the requirements when you negotiated the order and entered into the contract, and this can already become apparent in service, and in this case you too can demand replacement of the windows.

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The following reasons could indicate the need for a replacement window:

  • Bleeding at the connection between the gasket and the window frame. This is because the gasket is originally a non-removable element and air bridges form at the solder joints, which may increase over time. In quality windows, the gasket is always removable.
  • Other problems with the tightness of the windows, such as condensation and heat loss, may also be an indication of window failure.
  • The space between the windows is filled with air rather than gas and this reduces the noise insulation function. If you have discussed this beforehand and decided on air chambers, then you should not complain about low noise insulation. But if you ordered a window with a chamber filled with gas and received a different one, that is a reason to demand a replacement window. You can easily detect the substitution as there should be an inlet valve inside the chamber.
  • If you have old windows that do not meet your requirements no more and do not provide indoor comfort, you need replacement windows.

Why it is important to replace old or broken windows

Surely you like your rooms to be cosy, quiet, and enjoyable to look at and your utility bills are less of a drain on your pocket. But when coziness is disturbed, the old window design does not fit in the renovated environment at all, the annoyance of outside noise is off the scale, and then it is time of replacement the old windows with new ones. It is important to pay attention to reasons that may indicate the need to replace windows. These have been described above. In fact, there may be more reasons, which a professional should look into, because you may not understand why the thermal insulation or noise insulation is broken. But in any case, windows that cause discomfort, even though they should be a major source of comfort, need to be replaced immediately.

Why you can trust our company Prestige Plus for windows

Our company has been producing windows for over ten years, and during this time we have earned a reputation for reliability, and our products meet all quality standards and current trends in design. According to numerous surveys, the windows of our production fully meet the requirements of customers. You have approached us, which means you get:

  • Impeccable service.
  • Turnkey production of windows according to your chosen sketches.
  • Top quality.

In turn, installing new windows Prestige Plus you get:

  • Excellent noise insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Savings on heating bills.

The stylish look of your interior and exterior.

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