Top 5 Replacement Window Myths

Top 5 Replacement Window Myths

The decision to buy replacement windows should be emphasised at the outset. Especially if the first sign of window dysfunction appears. These can appear as follows:

  • The appearance of a draught. This is an indication of a defect in air tightness, namely the integrity of the gasket. The windows are now made with removable sealing rubbers, but in the past they were joined by soldering, which leads to air bridges in the curves. In such case there is a need in replacement windows. 
  • Fogging. This is also a leakage but not of the gasket. In this case the tightness of the connection to the profile is broken. 
  • Noise isolation and coldness in the room is impaired. In this case, the fitting mechanism may be broken, the sashes may be damaged and so on.

These are not many, but the most common signs of malfunction, leading to the replacement window. 

In the process of searching for a decent company and a quality product, many encounter myths about quality, about pricing, about technical characteristics. 

What information can be encountered during the replacement window process?

Top 5 misconceptions about replacing windows:

  • uPVC windows don’t breathe.
  • uPVC windows turn yellow over time.
  • uPVC windows are expensive.
  • uPVC windows are bad for you .
  • uPVC windows should not be installed in winter.

The first myth appeared when a new owner of a plastic window stopped properly aerating the room and saw the “poorly breathing” material as the cause of condensation on the window. Therefore the problem with condensation and fogging is first and foremost a problem with poor ventilation, especially when there are extreme temperature differences in the room, e.g. because of radiators. The lifespan of the houses and the quality of the ventilation ducts, remains a big issue. The second reason could be a breach of air-tightness. 

The myth about yellowing came about when someone first came across recycled windows. Such material has a yellowish tinge to it. First-class raw materials are initially white and do not change colour over time. 

Myths about high costs are neither justified nor backed up. There are companies that are very aggressive about setting prices for replacement windows, but this is only due to lust for profit. In reality, pvc windows are no more expensive than wooden windows. And sometimes cheaper. But too low a price should not be looked for either, because such windows are unlikely to be of high quality. 

The harmfulness of pvc is also another myth. It appeared as a result of using the material for manufacturing purposes, and adding chemically active substances to make it stronger. Such substances are not used in the manufacture of windows, because the following things make pvc robust:

  • The mounting width of the profile.
  • Reinforcement of the profile.
  • A special technology for making glass.
  • Quality fittings.
  • Qualitative assembling.

In manufacture of windows toxic substances are not used, and the plastic itself is not toxic.

The myth about the impossibility of window installation in winter is also groundless. Perhaps its appearance was caused by sloppy installation in winter and therefore the breach of window integrity. Or maybe the owners of the flat or house did not leave in time for replacement window and caught a cold. If a craftsman with experience will take on the job, the work will be done without any losses. The occupants are advised to leave the premises before the installation.

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Types of glazing available for replacement windows

Types and configurations of windows should be chosen based on the peculiarities of your surroundings, the area where you live, your own preferences. The range of available designs for replacement windows is presented on the website and in the showroom, and an experienced manager will give you the necessary recommendations.

How to choose the best replacement windows and where to find them

The best replacement windows are those that have undergone more than one quality control during manufacture, which meet technical standards and which functionality and design meet modern requirements. And a competent representative will tell you how to choose them. Look for proven companies with a good reputation and experience in turnkey replacement window.

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