Quality windows: myths and reality

We are irresistibly confronted with tricks, deception and often even victimization when purchase any product. Advertising is the engine of commerce and many representatives and owners of business use blatantly unacceptable tricks to get their customers. Inventing non-existent technical specifications, or giving importance to something that does not play a significant role these are methods that can often be found in the fight for competition. But only if you know what is myth and what is reality you will not catch into trouble. Many articles are being written today with all the secrets and revelations of upvc window production, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for unscrupulous manufacturers to deceive their customers. The most important thing in existence of any company producing plastic windows is its reputation based on honest and transparent operation. Accordingly, such a company has all the documents and licenses for production, respectively, manufactured products meet the specified technical standards. This is the basic thing to know when choosing a double glazed window, because public standards are the peculiar canons of any production, respectively, their high quality. If a company does not have the necessary documentation, such a company should not trust your money and spend your time on it.

What deceptions are there in the window industry?

There are myths circulating today that it is more difficult to check, for instance about the thickness of the glazing and that it influences the thermal insulation and noise protection ability of the double glazed window. This is not true. The thickness of the glass affects the strength properties to a greater extent and only slightly can neutralise sound. Sound is absorbed and neutralised by the gas filling inside the window and its residues are repelled by the specially coated glass surface. Thus, soundproofing glazing and thick glass are not equal concepts. 

The next common misunderstanding is that it is the maximum thickness of the profile that prevents heat loss completely. That is, a high class of installation width makes the window energy-efficient and prevents any heat leakage. This is also incorrect. The fixing width only partially compensates heat losses; the rest is due to the innovative coating, good sealing and correct installation. 

The myth that plastic is harmful is also very common. However, virgin raw materials are not toxic and are only recycled after expert reports from incoming labs. Unscrupulous companies, in order to save money on production and manufacturing time, may use harmful materials to reinforce the profile, for example, or harmful bonding agents (adhesives). A quality company uses modern equipment and tool shop where hundreds of manipulations are carried out to make the plastic profile of double glazed window strong, stable, correspondingly durable, and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. 

Inert gas and air between the panes of glass have the same effect. That is not true. The air in the chambers has no function. The inert gas, on the other hand, is noise absorbing one and therefore the windows can be called noise insulating. The air inside the chambers is not able to absorb sound because of its physical properties, its neutral status.

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Double or triple glazing?

The truth is that double glazing has always been the best option. Such a window is equipped with all the features you need for reliable protection and home comfort. Double glazing performs all functions at a high level thanks to:

  • Elastic and resilient gaskets which run along the contour of the window, ensuring a reliable permanent sealing.
  • High quality reinforced profile.
  • Innovative coating.
  • Gas filling between panes.
  • Quality assembly.

Triple glazing is not as popular as double glazing because it is technically feasible, costs more, takes longer to produce, and not all manufacturers make the appropriate profile. However, the myth that triple glazing is more reliable still walks around, which is completely untrue.

Is it a problem to install double glazed yourself?

It is recommended that only professionals perform the installation of the window profile. And all the manuals are not designed for a person who is facing the matter for the first time to look at and start doing it. Masters are recording dozens of videos to promote themselves and to share their experiences with colleagues. And if they assure you that you can cope with such a complicated task on your own, don’t believe them. The myth of easy installation is only a myth. Installing insulating glass units is a complex step-by-step process and experience is essential here. Even if you find the most detailed instructions, don’t take the risk and let a professional do it. This way you will save time, budget and nerves.

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