Main features of awning windows

Today it is technically possible to install almost any window design. Plastic windows differ in functionality, design, tearing-closing mechanisms, hardware, and availability of various options. It is also possible to produce a uPVC window that opens outward (awning windows).

Configuration features of awning windows:

  • sash opens outward;
  • hinges, handle, glazing bead are placed in the building;
  • it can be opened with a double-sided handle;
  • to open it, it is enough to turn the handle at the bottom of the frame;
  • opening is realized both manually and automatically.

The hanging systems of awning windows are suitable for a variety of spaces:

  • office buildings – as a partition between offices or as an entrance area;
  • restaurants and cafes – for arrangement of summer gardens;
  • shopping centers and stores – it is ideal for window decoration;
  • cottages and private houses – for glazing of verandas, attics, pergolas, winter gardens, terraces;
  • of apartments – on loggias and balconies.

Deafening awning window serves for temporary sunbathing. When the main window is closed and the sun through awning windows enters the room at certain times of day.

In each case, awning windows have their own purpose. And it can be represented as one or more functions from the following list: 

  • Draught-free ventilation. It is inherent only in tilting awning windows. 
  • Increasing the rigidity of the overall construction. Typical for windows with a common frame. Although with separate anchoring in the opening, the frame of the main window will be smaller and stiffer.
  • Reducing the load on the hinges and mechanisms of the sash. The resource of the window hinges and mechanisms depends on the weight of the sash, and the allocation of a separate moving or fixed awning window in the opening reduces it. 
  • Compliance with the architectural style of the facade. The shape of the top awning window can be any: rectangular, square, triangular, semi-circular or oval. The last three types relate to the arched windows, for which the transom is a mandatory element.
  • Safety. In this case, we can talk about different options. For example, a window with a deaf bottom part and movable upper awning window can be put in a child’s room, and windows with a deaf bottom transom and swinging sashes used when the window sill make a wide, and equip there a place to rest. 
  • Smoke Removal. Brought out a separate item for a reason – there are special fire windows for industrial and public buildings. They have their own regulatory requirements for the height of the location (at least 2.2 m) and opening (remote with an electric drive, duplicated emergency manual mechanism).

There are awning windows, which are located from the floor above human height, and they consist of a single hinged sash. As a rule, they are installed in technical rooms (e.g. toilets and bathrooms), for which the first priority is the possibility of ventilation, not the level of natural light.

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Awning windows latches

They are the simplest, but sufficiently effective hand-operated mechanisms for the classic bottom-hinged awning windows. 

They consist of three basic elements: applied staple with hole for latch tongue – screwed to the top rung of window frame; applied latch with push button – screwed opposite to staple to awning window frame; separate rod with hook. The degree of pressing of the sash, if necessary, is adjusted with pads under the bracket or latch. But usually it is necessary only for old wooden windows. Safety tilting of the sash is provided by installation of vertical safety scissors. But they are not always included with the latch, and they are purchased separately.

Mechanical manual operation systems with horizontal scissor stay 

Mechanical systems with a manual drive are mounted on awning windows with a lower hinge, and the opening and closing movement of the sash is based on the use of horizontal scissors. The mechanism consists of the following basic elements: fixed-length horizontal stay; vertical and horizontal pull rods; handle or cardanic traction.

The fixed length of the scissors can be different, and the degree of tilting of the sash depends on it. When using a handle and simple pull, one or more tilt angles are possible. The use of a cardan rod allows a smooth opening of the fanlight at any angle within the length of the scissor stay. Horizontal and vertical pulls run along the frame of awning windows, and they connect the scissor with a lever-type handle. The top of the rods are covered with decorative covers. For awning windows installed in niches, a flexible vertical rod is used with attachment to the frame, to the window sill of the opening and to the wall.

Handle installed on the right or left side of the window on the frame in any accessible and convenient location. If the window is recessed in a recess or if the window, for some reason cannot be approached directly, instead of a handle and vertical link install a single overhead drive rod with a collar.

Care and maintenance of awning windows

Awning windows is essentially a tilt window, so adjustment and maintenance follow the same rules. Each manufacturer of window hardware has its own technical documentation (drawings, descriptions, instructions), which specifies the sequence of installation and adjustment. And to make the mechanisms work for a long time, it is necessary to follow the general recommendations for care.

For tilt windows with friction scissors, they are as follows: 

  • Regularly clean the hardware from all kinds of dirt with a slightly damp sponge (or clean cloth). 
  • Only use mild and neutral pH solutions.
  • Check all moving components of the mechanism (rods, handle, scissors, hinges) for deformations and mechanical damage. 
  • Check the condition of the drive and hinge fasteners. 
  • Lubricate moving parts and locking points. 
  • Timely replacement of worn parts and adjustments prescribed by the manufacturer. 
  • Ensure proper and smooth operation of the awning windows.

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