Is it time to Replace Your Sliding Patio Door?

If you are asking yourself when to replace your patio door, you may have already experienced a malfunction. The first thing you should do is analyse the weaknesses of the old door that may have caused it to break. This is very important because when you buy and install a new door, you will already know which details to pay closer attention to. 

So, when to replace sliding glass doors, for example? When the functionality is damaged. It can happen for several reasons and one of the most important is the incorrect installation and initial preparation of the door opening. It can also be due to poor assembly at the factory or assembly outside the factory. But, let’s talk specifically about installation, because it depends on how long do sliding patio doors last.

Door replacement process

Sliding systems are quite a complicated construction in terms of installation work, as it requires thorough preparation of the opening with additional recesses in the wall for the sliding rails. An additional complication is that 80% of the sliding door consists of glass, which makes it heavier and the work must be carried out very carefully. The experience of the installer is of paramount importance here. Only an experienced craftsman can answer the question of how long to install a patio door, because he has worked with it many times. 

It is important to note that this is not an interior door, which is why the slats are hidden in the wall, the thickness of which, respectively, should be able to hide such a construction in itself. The question of how long does it take to replace a patio door is difficult to answer at once, because each individual case has its own nuances. One thing is certain, it is longer than just installing the door.

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How often do patio doors need to be replaced?

Quality doors do not need to be replaced as a whole, nor do they need to be replaced partially. Because a quality product, proper installation and set-up directly affect longevity. And with these qualities, our company has no problem. Therefore, you will not wonder how long is a sliding door functionality will last. 

It is worth mentioning that sliding doors of good quality and, if correctly installed, are the most convenient to use amongst their counterparts. The easy movement of the door leaf on the sliding rails ensures controlled ventilation, as you can choose how far you want to leave the door open for this purpose. It also saves space that can be used for decorative aims or simply left untouched.

The benefits of replacing patio doors

If you have a limited schedule and are primarily wondering how long does it take to install a patio door, look for those who do turnkey installation. 

The benefits of replacing old doors with new ones are tangible for several reasons:

  • You will make your home cosier and your life more comfortable;
  • You will successfully upgrade your interior;
  • You will provide yourself with reliable protection against external factors and burglary.

Our company has been installing sliding patio doors on a turnkey basis for many years, and if you come to us, don’t let the question of how long to install sliding glass doors and whether it will be of high quality bother you.

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