How to reduce or increase the size of a window when replacing?

Custom window replacement is a serious business, because it is a question of ensuring a comfortable living environment

Individual approach to window production

In our practice, there are cases where the window construction chosen by the customer does not correspond to the actual size of the window opening, and then you should not only expertly install new windows, but also work with the opening itself, adapting the dimensions to the required standard. Custom made windows have an advantage over manufactured products: you can count on an individual approach and do not worry that the window configuration you liked will not fit to the specifics of your layout, especially if you have planned a redevelopment.

Custom window replacements

Custom window replacement is a serious business, because it is a question of ensuring a comfortable living environment. It depends on what kind of the company you contact is, whether the venture will be successful or not. Today, Custom made windows have a huge variety of configurations, both standard models and non-standard designs, and given that our company has its own production facilities, complex projects of custom made windows are taken on order. This is particularly important when it comes to building a house and designing window openings to existing standards.

Custom window replacement is also a complex step-by-step process in which preparing the space where the new window will be installed plays a key role. Openings often need to be adjusted to the right dimensions:

  • when the interior design is changed,
  • or when redevelopment are carried out,
  • and also when the window is significantly larger or smaller than the opening itself by different reasons.

The main difference between Install replacement window in rough opening and in regular window opening is that the installation process requires additional finishing of linings and drip caps, as well as work on the window sill. At Custom window replacement, our craftsmen take this into account and the result is a flawless installation of a new window.

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Why is proper installation so important for the proper functioning of your window

Custom made windows is first and foremost a turnkey service. Not only is the manufacture of quality windows important, but also a professional approach to the associated work. We have repeatedly mentioned in articles how important proper installation is. Wondering how to put in a bigger window, not everyone will find the right answer, but the master will not only find it, but also do everything in the best way. As a result, you will be able to use all the functions of the window uninterruptedly for a long time.

If you do not know the nuances of installation, and, as a consequence, incorrect installation, the technical characteristics of the window will be violated, which will manifest itself in the penetration of draughts or noise, in a word – discomfort, both in the operation of the window, and in the atmosphere of the room as a whole. Custom made windows are quality products thanks to a step-by-step collaboration process:

  • Taking measurements with a detailed study of the window opening design,
  • Choosing and agreeing on the best window size for home,
  • Manufacturing the windows,
  • Installation and adjustment.

Can PrestigePlus make a window opening bigger or smaller?

Our team is made up of quality window fabricators who control the quality of production and assembly at every stage, as well as window installation professionals who know how to increase window size house if necessary. In each individual case, you may need such tweaks in the preliminary work on the window opening in order for Custom made windows to fully perform their function. By contacting our company you can expect a personalised approach to complex projects.

In addition, custom window replacement with resizing of window openings is strictly regulated by the state, so before that we provide approval from the regulatory authorities. Legality and quality are our priorities.

Advantages of having a custom window replacement designed specifically for your home

Custom window replacement may be necessary in many cases:

  • You need to improve the protective features of your windows and increase indoor comfort,
  • The old windows have become defective,
  • You just want to renovate and so on.

Then Custom made windows is the right thing to do because you can be 100% sure of getting what you want in terms of technical and operational characteristics and also in terms of aesthetics.  In other words, Custom made windows are windows made especially for your home!

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