How to Find the Best Replacement Window Company

How to choose high-quality windows

The question “which window company is the best” is asked by everyone who is thinking about replacing old windows or buying new ones. It is not easy for any organisation to gain a good reputation with customers and to be in good standing with competitors. To do so, it needs to make really good products that meet the technical standards and provide a turnkey service, so the client does not have to think about where to find good installers and how to set the right windows, and it must also offer the best price.

Usually, when looking for the best window installation company, clients put the price offer in the first place, and then everything else. This is what causes problems with quality replacement. Windows should be chosen on the basis of who sells it.  If a company is reputable, it will not offer cheap products, because this would be a sign of poor quality, of poor service. So if you decide to put cost at the forefront of your search criteria, think about the problems that may ensue.

What to look for when choosing a window replacement company

So, if you need to replace old windows or install new ones in a newly purchased flat or house under construction, and you are looking for the best window company, take the following factors into consideration:        

  • It is a capacious notion, which is a consequence of many years of successful work, which is facilitated by own manufacturing facility with high-tech equipment, professionally trained craftsmen for manufacturing and quality assemble, quality control system, as well as experienced installers and managers.
  • A worthy company will offer you a price that will justify impeccable quality and full service: offering a range of quality products, measurements, work, adjustment, all kinds of accompanying advice and recommendations. They will not be low, but they will not be overpriced either.
  • Good installation is the basis for long-term operation and good functioning of the windows. Therefore, the best window production company is also the best window installation company.
  • Every good window production and installation company has quality and conformity certificates, which are not granted without a licence. To do so, they have to undergo numerous technical tests and inspections to ensure compliance with existing national standards. If a company successfully passes this stage and receives certificates, it becomes a certified market player and such a company can be trusted.

Warranty. A company will not give a warranty if it is not sure of the quality of the product or if it cannot offer a good installation. A quality guarantee shows that the company is responsible to the customer, that it offers good windows and can provide quality installation.

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How to find quality windows at an affordable price

Best replacement windows should have the following characteristics:

  • Windows should be attractive and in line with modern trends in design.
  • Energy efficiency. Windows made with modern technology and impeccable factory assembly possess this characteristic.
  • Air infiltration. High-quality windows provide a proper level of natural air exchange in the room.
  • Water penetration. To avoid water ingress, sealing must be at a high level. Effectiveness is directly dependent on the quality of installation and service during the life cycle (i.e. the maintenance of the windows, in particular the fittings).
  • Structural grade. The windows must comply with the building regulations and must be able to bear the specified loads. Otherwise, the strength of the window frame will deteriorate over time, causing the glazing to fail under wind pressure or to leak.
  • Design and detailing. Each configuration has a specific function and it is important to know the design details.

Which window style is best for your home

In order to choose the right window style for your home that will blend in with the interior, first choose a company with a good range of products. Today a great variety of configurations are produced, and you can find the optimum solution for both flats and houses, even for the office. The diverse range of modern window products ensures that you will find the right style for your premises. Prestige Plus is one of the top 10 replacement window manufacturers in Australia for offering a wide range of quality windows and custom solutions for complex replacement windows.

We offer:

  • Tilt and slide windows. Open in two modes: tilt and slide.
  • Tilt and turn windows. Efficient ventilation is achieved by fully opening or tilting inwards.
  • Sliding windows. Operates in parallel movement of the sash.
  • Awning windows. A top hinge ensures ventilation and in rainy weather without dripping inside.
  • Fixed windows. Without an opening mechanism, which can be ideal for non-residential premises.
  • Bi-fold windows. Sliding window system, according to ‘accordion principle’.
  • Soundproof windows. Windows with hi-tech coatings and triple glazing.
  • Bay windows. Exterior projecting windows.
  • Bathroom & laundry windows. Windows that offer extra protection against moisture.
  • French windows. Ceiling-to-floor windows, also called French doors.
  • Casement windows. Casement windows open into a room.
  • Colonial windows. Custom geometric windows (round windows, trapezoid windows, etc.).
  • Aluminium windows.

We manufacture a full range of uPVC Double Glazed Windows that are incredibly reliable, with excellent safety, security, noise insulation, energy saving and moisture resistance features. Depending on your requirement, we can offer you a custom made pane windows and double glazed doors with enhanced features for any of your needs, or a one-stop solution that will cover all your basic needs. Just ask us!

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