How to buy double glazing

To avoid falling into the trap of fictitious specifications and the inflated cost of that follows, read this article, which has a lot of useful information to rely on when choosing double glazed windows.

Some companies are not known for their integrity and by understanding what tricks they use, you are more likely to pay a justified price, not an inflated price.

This article is based on information obtained by our expert staff, a number of independent experts as well as homeowners who have agreed to comment on their history of purchasing and operating double glazed windows. If you are wondering the best way to go about buying double glazed windows, start by researching the information below.

Before you approach double glazed window manufacturers: what you need to do

Firstly, we always recommend visiting showrooms or exhibitions of uPVC windows before you buy. We will give you a complete overview of the market for uPVC windows, including double glazing windows & assortment, displays of structural elements, material, fittings and demonstrations. Our skilled staff will also provide you with pricing information, so you can understand what the costs for a particular product should be. You will not only learn about the construction of the double glazed window, but also see how wide the range of designs is. For example, we have a modern showroom with trendsetting examples of plastic windows, doors and accessories. Here you can choose a design, find the most suitable colour and get a detailed product description from an experienced expert.

Finding a reputable double glazing company

Online research is definitely becoming the most popular way for homeowners and tenants to look for professional workers, to complete almost all kinds of work around the house. Unfortunately, this method can expose you to accounting unprofessional or untrained contractors, and that can mean trouble in the long run. The reputation of the person who will do the double glazing of your house or flat is extremely important. Reputation is an indication of experience, respectively professionalism. By trusting a proven company, you will also save budget on future fixing problems that amateurs can create.

Choosing a double glazing company

The service they offer will certainly have an impact on your choice of company. We have our own showroom, experienced experts, professional workers, who will take their time to visit the site for precise measurements and discuss design and performance goals for your window & door upgrade in detail. Punctuality are the components that make the company look good and make an impression. In their absence, one should also think about the quality of the range on offer. When a company is serious about its service, then you can rest assured that the quality of its products is of a high standard.

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Top tips from double glaziers

Today there are many ways to research the uPVC double glazed window market or check the reputation of a company you are interested in. The most important indicator is previous client reviews, usually we recommend to only trust Google reviews as they are authentic. The experience of production and successful sales of double glazing and other variants will be detailed by a third party to give you a true reflection of the company. Also, firms for one reason or another change their names, liquidate their organizations and enter the market under other names. In this case, it is worth reflecting on the past activities of the company, whether it was in good faith. Do not confuse name change, relocation with rebranding or reorganization of production.

Feedback plays an important role. In this way you can make sure that you have found the right company for buying double glazing in or the opposite and, in this case, save your budget, time and nerves.

Every company that respects its business has a portfolio of work that you can use to determine if the range and services are right for you or if you should look for something else.

A very convenient service is an online calculator on the company’s website. This way you can find out the preliminary cost of double glazed windows without contacting the manager, and you can prepare as much as possible for your purchase.

The price quotation is also an important aspect when buying double glazing, as it displays the cost of all the services, the products themselves and, accordingly, you will understand how much the cooperation will cost you. The company always gives a long-lasting guarantee and writes an insurance policy for the products and services they provide.

The company must be officially registered, especially if it has its own production facility. This is an indicator that the activities comply with technical regulations and specified standards. The relevant documents are always available and the manager can provide them on request. The conclusion of a cooperation agreement is also an indication of the organization’s status on the market.

And, lastly, a company worthy of your attention does not impose its products and services, does not demand anything. It only provides its services, its products, its maintenance.

What should I look for in a double glazing contract?

The contract should show your rights and obligations as a contractor when buying double glazed windows. This information includes a description of the goods and services you are ordering, a full cost estimate (possible extra costs are discussed and entered here, the difference is always returned to the client), and what you will undertake to do and what you can expect in case the contractor fails to fulfil his obligations.

Note the following:

  • The presence of penalties if deadlines are not met and if materials not provided for in this contract are used;
  • Existence of clauses with possible factors and costs, such as bad weather or other reasons for which the installation of double glazing may be delayed;
  • Liability of the company for unsatisfactory quality of work;
  • Whether you can hire third parties.

Should I tell my home insurance company about new double glazing or doors?

Notifying your insurance company about the installation of new double glazing is important because the interior finish, which includes glazing and doors, is covered by insurance and you should protect your possessions in case of an emergency.

DIY double glazing installation

If you have professional experience, you can do the installation of double glazing yourself. Otherwise, we do not recommend doing this as trying to save money on professional service may cost you a lot of money to reinstall in the future as this is a sequential process involving many factors and nuances. In addition, you may not be able to make a claim against the company if they windows are faulty. If you have stipulated terms and conditions in contract for installation of double glazed windows, and company employees are obliged to perform necessary works, you will grossly violate this point by your own actions in installation of windows.

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What should I look for when buying a uPVC window?

The range of double glazing today is rife with choice, and every company wants to make a better offer than the rest, but how can you tell the difference between simple salesmen tricks and really good quality service? It is easy to do when you know what to look for and what you can get. Initially, it is worth paying attention to the products. You need to be savvy about double glazing to do so, knowing designs, varieties, technical characteristics exactly. Many unscrupulous companies use numerous marketing tricks to attract customers. For instance they ascribe importance to those elements of the window construction which in fact play a minor role and may not have any significant impact on the pricing. Each price is formed on the basis of certain factors which are reflected in the quality of the double glazed window.

A conscientious company does not experienced experts who do more than just help in the selection process, but understand the true science of the performance these windows deliver. The choice of a window must be based on a clear idea of what the construction is and what functional tasks it performs. The expert has comprehensive information and, when it comes to price, does not just answer that this is what the boss wants, but provides a step-by-step justification of the set price. So when you are looking for double glazed windows, find a decent company first of all. You can recognize it by the level of professionalism of the managers and also the smooth running logistics.

What is the best gap for double glazing?

When choosing a window with double glazing you may be advised that a bigger the gap between the panes, the better. Which is true however, one of the major components assisting performance of the window is the design of the frame, more precisely the number of chambers within the frame. These chambers, or “breaks”, between the frame make it very difficult for external temperatures & sounds to flow freely through the frame. This is where the term “Thermally Broken” comes from.

For example, single glazed unit has one sheet of glass, 4mm thick, standard frame (no chambers).

A double-glazed unit from Prestige Plus, consists of two sheets of glass, one 4 mm thick, the other 6mm thick. The spacing between the glass (filled with insulation Argon gas), is 16mm and the frame has 5 chambers.

You can increase the thickness of the glass & gap between the panes to further enhance performance for thermal or sound reduction.

Everything is defined according to the technical requirements, and here at Prestige Plus we have over 50 glazing options available, one of our experts will be able to perfectly match the glazing for your project depending on your needs. The face of the company is not only quality products, but also qualified personnel.

Thus, every double glazed window design has a clearly defined structure, the number of elements, and clearly defined performance characteristics. This is determined on the basis of numerous studies on energy efficiency, noise performance and other characteristics.

What is the most ideal location for double glazed windows in a house?

To ensure maximum comfort and optimum light in the house or flat, the arrangement of double glazed windows for various purposes should be designed carefully.

  1. North, northwest, and northeast. Rooms facing these directions are the brightest because they are sunny, the warmest during cold weather and the hottest during warm weather. Here energy efficiency of double glazing is more than important. The living or dining room with double glazed windows will always be filled with the optimum amount of light, warmth and freshness. In this case, double glazed windows should be selected with a certain percentage of shading and of such a design in which ventilation will be most effective. We would highly recommend Tilt & Turn or Tilt & Slide windows, for example.
  2. East and north-east. These directions are considered optimal for the location of the bedroom. Double-glazed windows will promote awakening, as the sun rises early and starts to light up the room early. If the window opening is not yet ready, it can be designed with these features in mind.
  3. West. Here double glazing would be appropriate for the kitchen and the study or work cabinet, as the sun here only looks in the afternoon. Ventilation is also important, but so is noise insulation. For this reason double glazed windows are needed with higher insulation properties if you have an office and this window looks out onto a noisy street.
  4. South. Darkest and coldest area of the house, therefore dedicated to plumbing, hallway, pantry, kitchen and sometimes a study room or any working space. Today, the lack of natural light and heat can easily be overcome by modern double-glazed windows.

The position of the windows in relation to the terrain is also worth considering.

What should I ask a double glazing salesman?

When you buy a double glazed window, you should prepare a list of questions to ask the expert. When preparing the questions, you should consider your own preferences for glazing, architectural features and design features. It is worth saying, the expert himself will ask you the necessary questions to find out which double glazed window will be optimal for your home or flat. You, in turn, know a few characteristics to look out for:

Coating; nowadays, there are a number of coatings that provide certain characteristics to a double glazed window. For example, low-emission, can provide increased strength characteristics, and protection from harmful sunlight.

The types of glass themselves; the range will vary depending what kind of glazing you require, according to your living conditions and comfort. For instance, there are: clear glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, reflective glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, energy-saving glass. The expert will give detailed advice on each type so you can make the best choice.

Fittings & functionality of the window; there are many different designs with dual openings suitable to combat a range of different issues recognised in old style windows. This multi-part element is worth a sharper focus, as your ease of use depends on it. If you have a particular preference in terms of opening mechanism, then you should let the manager know so that he can advise you on the options for fittings.

Are double glazing guarantees transferable?
Such questions are individual and are discussed on a case-by-case basis. It is worth pointing out that some points of the contract are unchangeable and some are subject to change. This is determined in the process of cooperation. At Prestige Plus our double glazed products have a 10 year warranty, this obligation from our side is unchangeable and inviolable. The guarantee covers not only the functionality of the constructions, but also the installation and adjustment of the windows. We also guarantee you perfect service. Our entire cooperation is covered by the guarantee, which benefits both you and us.
Can I cancel a double glazing contract?

Depending on where you go to buy and install your double glazed windows, it may happen that you are not satisfied with the work or the product itself, or that some functional disturbance occurs during operation. You do not have to worry about the right of replacement or repair, as this is ensured by legislation on the supply of goods and services and the Consumer Rights Act. Based on this, production and installation as well as adjustment of double glazed windows must:

  • Be manufactured in full accordance with your requirements;
  • Made of materials of appropriate quality, suitable for the intended use;
  • Installed complete, with all instructions and recommendations for use and care provided.

A company that does not comply with these conditions, or does not fully comply with them, is in breach of a formal contract. In such a case, you may demand repair or replacement of the windows, and you may also terminate your cooperation. The company provides the goods and services as well as the accompanying obligations and is responsible for them.

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